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Becoming a Plumber in Chester: A Quick Intro

by rolandduffer

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Chester, Cheshire, is a city in England with a rich and colorful history that dates back to Roman times. At first referred to as Deva Victrix, the city began as a military installation. After the Romans left England, the location was settled by Saxons and Normans, and the city prospered for centuries as a border town near Wales. The city takes its modern-day name from the Latin word "caestra" meaning city.

In Roman times lead was called plumbum, which is why the element is signified with the Pb symbol in the periodic table. Lead pipes have been utilized for centuries to furnish water and transportation sewage; during Medieval times, anyone who worked with lead pipes was called a "plumber", and this term is directly taken from the Latin word plumbum. While a modern-day plumber in Chester still works with lead pipes, they can do various other services, like setting up and fixing gas- and oil-fired main furnaces, boilers, and radiators.

Plumbers in Roman and Medieval times followed the fundamental job description of contemporary plumbing contractors. Roman plumbing professionals repaired and installed lead pipes, and usually worked on roofing systems and gutters; they likewise managed sewers and drains. In addition to these duties, Roman plumbing professionals were tasked to handle the numerous public bathhouses that existed in the majority of Roman settlements.

While the technology might have changed, modern-day plumbing professionals still perform many of the basic tasks initially undertaken by ancient plumbing contractors. The responsibilities of modern-day plumbing professionals, nevertheless, aren't restricted to managing water supplies and sewage, but has actually broadened to setting up and preserving gas lines as well as heating and ventilation systems. Other jobs consist of setting up and taking care of domestic appliances like showers and washing equipment, and servicing air-conditioning units.

Modern plumbers need to go through extensive training, education, and certification courses before they are permitted to practice in their counties. To become a certified plumber in Chester, apprentices require an industry-recognized certification at Level 2 or 3. The primary certifications are a Level 2/3 Diploma in Plumbing and Heating, and a Level 2/3 Diploma in Installing and Maintaining Domestic Heating Systems.

Vocational criteria are released by the City and Guilds of London Institute. Pupils will have to incorporate on the job training with courses in a college or training center. For more information on how to become a nationally-certified plumbing technician, see:

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