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Why Companies Ought to Get Accounting Services in Vancouver

by lynettebass

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The city government of Metro Vancouver declared that since 2012, there are around 148,000 licensed companies in the city. The vital task of accounting or bookkeeping is something these businesses would need to take care of themselves, while the city government provides different amenities like water, electricity, and real estate services. Certainly, bookkeeping is vital in everyday operations in an assortment of ways, namely:


A few of the most basic accounting services in Vancouver involve storing and organizing files, records, and documents that are vital for every business. Initially, this job was strictly relegated to physical files that called for shelves and storage cabinets for simple access. Today, record-keeping procedures now include digital files saved in on-site hard drives and off-site servers. The latter is also representative of an emerging trend where businesses outsource different accounting jobs to third-party companies.

In any case, Canadian companies are required to utilize efficient record-keeping services to fulfill the needs and standards established by the Canada Revenue Agency. For example, any and all records needed by the Agency needs to be found in Canada only. This implies that even digital records stored online must be kept in servers found within Canada.


It is also the accountant's duty to determine employees' wages and provide them thoroughly on payroll slips. On the other hand, this task can be quite complex should a T4 (statement of pay received) and/or a 1099 form (record of income) be asked for. A credible Vancouver bookkeeping service provider can take care of this task, as well as put together the records of employment if needed, as part of payroll processing.

Financial Statements

All external and internal company transactions have to be recorded for future reference. Hereof, accountants are in charge of preparing financial statements that lay out profits, losses, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. By law, all businesses in Canada should issue financial statements yearly.

The job of an accountant surpasses basic calculations and number-crunching. The quality and dependability of accounting services can spell the difference between unhampered development and bankruptcy and even imprisonment. For a comprehensive view on the duties of accountants in Canada, check out: canadabusiness. ca/eng/page / 2640 / and omafra. gov. on. ca/english/rural / facts/88 -010. htm.

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