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The Cheapest A4 Paper, UK Prices

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If you own a printer, you can save up by buying the cheapest A4 paper. UK stores sell reams of A4 paper for about £2.69–£3. Despite the number of choices in the market, there are many ways to find the best deal possible.


The need to buy the most affordable paper comes from the fact that owning a printer drives up other expenses. Buying ink by itself is costly, especially since you have to keep buying more as soon as your supply runs out. Original cartridges can cost up to £35 – £37, while ink refills cost £20 – £30 per liter. If you print a lot of text and images, you’ll have to spend on these on a frequent basis.


You’ll also have to pay for printer repairs in case your machine gets damaged.  Shops charge £50-£60 to fix your printer, and the rates vary depending on the model you own. Printer maintenance by a professional will also add £90-£100 to your bill on a yearly basis.


How to Find Cheap A4 Paper

Given all those figures, it’d make sense to want to cut back on printer paper. While buying new reams is inevitable, you can find ways to minimize your paper-related expenses.


Comparison shopping is a good start. Check and compare prices online to see which retailer sells the cheapest A4 paper. UK suppliers usually offer reams in prices that only differ slightly. However, that slight difference matters if you buy in bulk.


Some retailers sell reams a quarter of a pound cheaper than others to gain an advantage over their competitors. Smaller retailers often do this in order to compete with better-known shops.


You can also buy cheap paper directly from manufacturers. Unlike retailers, manufacturers don’t have price tag mark-ups because they don’t need to cover the costs of running office supplies stores.


It’s possible to buy cheap but high quality A4 paper. Some online retailers, for instance, sell a ream for less than £3, but the sheets are 80 gsm, which is as thick as A4 paper gets. Buying 80 gsm paper sheets can help you conserve paper because it makes double printing possible without the ink bleeding through. That also enables you to save up on more costs. 


The whiteness of cheap paper can also go up to 164 (CIE). That means you’ll get clear, sharp prints at a reasonable price.


As long as you’re willing to shop around, it isn’t that difficult to find the cheapest A4 paper; UK shops sell them in large quantities to those looking for a great bargain.

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