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Popcorn, Sno Cone and Ice Shaving Machines add Fun to Events

by popcornplaza

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The concession stands we see at carnivals and fairs are always busy with people lining up for hot dogs, popcorn, sno cones or cotton candy.  These are treats we all like to indulge in once in a while when surrounded by fun and frivolity, so why not try popcorn machines at your next birthday party or special event?

Why popcorn machines?  It’s fun food that is enjoyable to eat and easy to prepare.  It is also a great way to get into the food service business with a minimum financial investment.  You can buy good machines for a few hundred dollars, or spend thousands, depending on your budget and the size you want.

Whether you decide to have a carnival theme at your child’s birthday party, or are planning an event or corporate party for others, having a fun food options such as popcorn machines will add that to the party atmosphere, as well as being tasty snack for people attending.

Sno cone machines are another type of fun food that many people don’t think about incorporating into their party or event.  Sno cones are also simple to make.  Machines make and shave the ice and all you need to do is add the flavoured syrups.  

It’s a perfect treat on a hot day, and a great alternative to serving more labour intensive ice cream.  Sno cone machines are available in different sizes as well.  Some are super compact and don’t even require a plug, while others are larger to handle more volume.  Some even come in cool designs such as polar bears to really attract attention.

Sno cone, or shaved ice machines, profit best in high volume locations, because the ice needs to be continually made for ideal production conditions.  You can also get more powerful machines with stronger motors that provides continuous, ultra-high quality production.

You can also get traditional carts or wagons on which to place shaved ice machines, giving that authentic, nostalgic look.  Of course this depends on the weight and size of your machine, as some can weigh up to 80lbs and stand 79cm tall.  Some can take as much as 8lbs of ice cubes at once and quickly turn it to snow.

Whether it’s shaved ice machines, cotton candy machines, or your serve hot dogs, nachos, or popcorn, you’ll be sure to entice people with your machine as it busily makes delicious snacks for everyone to enjoy.  You can enhance your fun atmosphere and profits with these type of concession stand machines.


About Us:  Concession equipment and supplies are used at many venues, such as sporting events, school events, carnivals, and concession stands.  They can even be used at home for themed birthday parties.  Whether it’s to make popcorn, hot dogs, snow cones, or cotton candy, we have all the equipment and supplies you need to add fun to any event.  Visit us at today to see our range of products for a range of special events and business venues.

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