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Head teachers would rest easy if only they could cut their schools' budgets at the same rate their allocations have been cut. They however can't do this because various activities in their schools would come to a halt if they attempted to par down their budgets. They therefore have to find alternative sources of funds to supplement their government allocations and for this they typically turn to their school fundraising committees. School fundraising committees subsequently have to come up with fundraiser ideasthat they can use to raise the necessary monies.


There are endless possibilities when one thinks of fundraiser ideas for schools. However, many fundraising committees tend to rely on just a few simple fundraising initiatives. Money can be raised using well-worn easy fundraising ideas but with time the popularity of these ideas will begin to wane. When this happens, a school will start seeing its collections diminish.


One of the reasons why people skip school fundraisers is monotony. If the same fundraising proposals are used repeatedly, fundraisers become routine. People are not attracted to predictably routine fundraisers as much as they are to exciting fundraisers. The people to whom the task of raising funds is given should therefore think out of the box and come up with exciting fundraiser ideas for schools. If they can think of innovative and unconventional fundraising ideasthey can be assured of collecting all the money they need no matter how many fundraisers they hold.


Funny sports draw excited crowds. A fundraising team can design some exciting competitions like wheelbarrow races, carry-your-spouse race, racing while balancing a potato on a spoon, and other similar competitions. The good thing about such easy fundraising ideas is that they are fun and allow people to relax. They also make for good entertainment for the whole family and so parents can bring all their kids along to share the fun. In addition, these uncomplicated fundraising proposals can be organized with meager resources and net handsome collections at the end of the day.


Given a chance, students can think up very interesting fundraiser ideas for schools. Students will not pass up a chance to poke some fun at their teachers so why not raise some money while at it? Some smart students once came up with the idea of making one of their teachers kiss a pig. They decided which member of staff should have this honor by placing money against the teachers' names. The teacher with the biggest sum against his or her name was given the privilege of puckering with the pig! Some other devious students came up with the idea of taping their principal to the wall with duct tape. Taping someone to a wall will require a large amount of duct tape and so the fundraising team will raise money by selling the required tape to those students who want to see their head teacher hoisted against the wall.


With such exciting fundraising ideas, it'll be very easy to get students involved in the fundraising exercise and their parents won't mind coming along.


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