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How to Select 364XL Printer Cartridges

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You can choose between three kinds of 346XL printer cartridges. CB321EE can yield up to 800 A4 pages; CB322EE can produce up to 290 print-outs of the same size, while CN684EE is capable of 550.  Keeping track of these items’ product codes is important because there’s a significant difference in the amount of pages they can yield, which also translates to a difference in pricing.

While they all contain black ink, the consistency varies. Reviewers have noted that CB322EE and CB321EE have thicker ink than low-capacity black ink cartridges. There’s a discrepancy in the size of the cartridges themselves, with CB322EE being the smaller one. Before making a purchase, check your printer and see if this is the right cartridge size for it.

You might actually argue that the variations between these 346XL printer cartridges are negligible. If you aren’t very particular about the consistency of your ink as long as it doesn’t streak or smudge on paper, then you don’t have to discern between a CB322EE cartridge and a CN684EE. However, if you need the cartridges for a printing shop, you’ll have to be more mindful of ink consistency because some clients are very particular about the print results they want.

When selecting cartridges for personal use, the only clincher might be the number of prints they can yield. The last thing you want is to run out of ink while printing a business report or school paper that’s due in a few hours. It’s more practical to get the CB321EE for this reason.


The Best Bargains

346XL printer cartridges also come in multi-packs of two, four and more than five. This enables you to get hold of a bundle for a rate lower than the individual price of each cartridge. Multi-packs are great for stocking up on ink cartridges, especially if you’re worried about running low on ink. However, be careful to check their shelf-life, since the ink can dry up after a certain period.

You can find multi-packs in just about any office supplies store. You can also buy them through the brand’s official site or an authorized dealer like Amazon. This way, you can make sure that you’re buying original cartridges. You’ll also get a warranty for the product, as well as a refund if in case you receive a faulty cartridge.

When buying online, keep the product code for each cartridge in mind. It’s possible for the retailer to send you the wrong one, since product codes for 346XL printer cartridges can be very confusing. Double-check the item and its description before putting it in your cart.