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How To Protect Your Intellectual Property By Using PDF Secur

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Cyber crime is rising at an alarming rate. Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated at breaking into our personal computers and retrieving our sensitive information. Corporate espionage is also on the rise, and the “spy” doesn’t even have to leave his computer screen. A member of the National Security Agency estimates that almost $1 trillion is lost globally per year to cyber crime. American businesses lose approximately $250 billion in intellectual property theft each year. Many businesses use computers and the Internet to do their work. They can be vulnerable to cyber attack unless they protect their intellectual property. PDF security can help protect your business’ sensitive documents and help you limit the number of views or prints someone can make. This kind of protection is imperative in today’s economy.

PDF protection works by controlling who can access or use your documents. It allows you to control whether or not your papers can be printed, and if you chose to allow printing, you can limit the number of copies. You can also prevent others from accessing your intellectual property and making copies or changes, as well as prevention of screenshots. This program can also inhibit you documents from being shared or mass distributed in cyber space.

PDF security limits access to your work by locking your pdf documents to only specific computers or USB drives. Also known as flash or jump drives, these portable gadgets can be the most convenient way to protect your files. Not only are they portable and easy to store, they do not require any installation and provide instant offline access.

Another way your documents are protected is by using distinctive watermarks to cover your work anytime someone views or prints it. Users can be informed that it is intellectual property they are using, and any unauthorized use can be prosecuted. PDF protection can be used to ensure your pdf files are batch protected, making security completely automated and eliminating user intervention. That means it can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When choosing a system to protect you PDF files, it is beneficial if the software can also run regular audit reports on your documents and who is accessing them. This is a particular asset to large corporations. It can also provide a back-up system for those papers in case of accidental deletion. License transfers and IP restriction is another important aspect of the program.

In today’s global market, it is important to protect your business and intellectual property from any cyber burglary. PDF security can help you do that. It can give you control of who accesses what, and when; and gives you peace of mind.

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