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Making web design Jacksonville FL work for your customers

by anonymous

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Customers form their first opinions about a business on seeing its website's appearance. A good website leaves a good impression on a customer whereas a poorly designed website leaves a negative impression in the customer's mind. If you want to see your business grow then you must have a website that meets the needs and expectations of your customers. Entrepreneurs often make one big mistake with their websites: they look at web designfrom their own perspective without placing themselves in their customers' shoes. Effective web designis that which puts the customers' interests ahead of the business owner's. If you do this, you will see your business growing from strength to strength.


You want to start by imagining what goes on in a customer's mind when she sits behind her computer to begin shopping. Most of the time she knows exactly what she is looking for and so she won't want to waste time looking around. So, how do you meet the needs of this customer? The important issue here is the ease with which she will locate the item she wants. To make it easier for her to locate whatever she needs you have to make your website as easily navigable as possible by, among other things, avoiding extraneous details that'll crowd out the important things. Build a simple, easy to use navigation that your customer can use to move back and forth with ease. Navigation is one aspect of web design Jacksonville FLwhere many people fail miserably.


Now that your customer has found the item she was looking for, what next? She may want to know the price of the item so make sure that you have clearly displayed prices next to every item in your website. You can hardly imagine how much you'll be annoying the customer by failing to display prices next to the things you are selling. If the customer isn't sure of the price she is very likely going to leave your website _ and that will be one missed opportunity to make a sale.


The second thing that could make you lose this customer is failing to display the shopping cart or having a cumbersome checkout procedure. If a customer wants to buy something she should not encounter any encumbrances along the way. For example, why on earth would you demand that your customers register before they buy anything? What if they don't want to? Many people quit when they are told to register first before they can buy.


Your customer, like most of us, likes to hear the opinion of other people on issues of importance to her. It's therefore a good practice in web design Jacksonville FL to have a section in the website for customer reviews. You shouldn't be afraid of letting customers review your website if you are confident in what you are doing. Let's say your customer has a question that she would like to ask, is there a facility for her to do so? Again this is one area of web designthat many people fail. Include a section with frequently asked questions. This customer's question is likely to be among these FAQs. If the FAQs don't satisfy her, provide a channel through which she can reach you through. A live chat facility, for example, is excellent because you can communicate with the customer in real time. If you however know that you can't respond to messages left by customers then you may as well remove the contacts page because it will not be serving its purpose when customers have to wait for days before getting your reply - by which time they may not want to be your customers any more.




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