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Chelsea Escorts are Charming

by anonymous

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One of the most famous roads in the world, after Abbey and probably many others that slip my mind right now, comes the King’s Road. One of the most photographed roads after recent addition to the Royal Family, Kate Middleton, was perpetually pictured going in and out the stores in preparation for the big wedding. Whilst it was well-known before, it has reinforced the road as an amazing row of shops, restaurants and any other fancy ne’er do wells that one likes to pop in. Starting in the east and heading west, we’ll walk you through the best ones.

Beaufort House, a ten minute walk from West Brompton tube station, is a restaurant come cafe come bar, offering almost anything in terms of eats and drinks. If you find yourself on a date with an escort in Chelsea, head this way and the options will solve any dilemmas. Covering three floors, The Brasserie, which evidently has won awards, has wall decorations that are inspired. Keeping with the tone of classic elegance, it seems fitting to have photographs of the beautiful film, Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Rather than curling posters, peeling off the wall as the sellotape looses its stickiness, the pictures have been merged together, mounted onto 3D photo frames and placed on the wall. Covering the whole area, the photo collage, about 3 by 15, is a beauty to behold, as is a Chelsea escort. That is, if you can tear yourself away from the ridiculously plush sofas in the Member’s Bar long enough to have a look. Don’t worry, though, the cocktail bar is on the ground floor so there’s no need to fret about falling over in your Louboutins. We won’t go into details about price because, honestly, if you’re in the area you probably don’t let the little things bother you.

If you find you’ve consumed a bit too much alcohol and fear you will fall over walking on flat surfaces, walk about a minute down the road and you will come across a restaurant that just screams luxury and elegance. Whilst some do not think of a bar and grill as necessarily as posh grub, when it’s run by Marco Pierre White, you can put your reservations to one side. The good thing about the grill, is that it banished the pretentious ambiance that can often be spread about restaurants on the King’s Road. But be careful with the barbecue sauce when on the cream, leather seats. Serving top-notch steaks alongside good ol’ English dishes, Marco’s restaurant is worth a drunk waddle to. With Scottish Beef, a fish board and grills available, there is enough option for even the pickiest diners. But this wouldn’t be the case if you’re dining with a girl from Chelsea escorts. They can be very open to new things.

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