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Share the Responsibility of Auto, Boat or Equipment Shipping

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Be Prepared and Be Green; Share the Responsibility of Auto, Boat or Equipment Shipping


You can save up to 90% on equipment shipping and deliveries with ride sharing transport services that match you with drivers who are going to your destination anyway.  Acting like an online marketplace, these drivers can bid on your listings and this competition drives the shipping price down remarkably.


Letting your cargo share rides with a qualified, reliable transporter is not only economical, it is a much greener way of equipment shipping.  Empty vehicles on the road are only polluting the air, so if they can be matched with cargo on one networking site, it is a win-win situation.


With the right knowledge and preparation, autoshipping can be simple.  The planning process for shipping large items should start at least a month before your ship date. Each type of vehicle and piece of large equipment is different however, so research extensively to get the right quote.


Well managed transport preparation is advised when it comes to auto shipping.  A complete and accurate description of the vehicle is crucial to obtaining an accurate quote, especially of any modifications have been made to the vehicle such as over-sized tires or if the vehicle has been lowered.


Consult an auto shipping guide to find out more specific details about what is expected and required before the inspection process.  It is critical to be as thorough as possible at pick up and delivery.  If you discover a problem a few days after the shipment, it will be very difficult to make a claim at that point.


Many truck drivers with heavy hauling trucks are able to have their own business of transporting freight which includes boat shipping. There are many websites who can match drivers with appropriate freight loads and destinations.   Extensive preparation is highly recommended for boats as well.


Consider having a qualified boat yard help you with the pre-shipping check.  It is also advisable to have your boat inspected by a licensed marine surveyor before boat shipping.  You should clean the exterior of your boat before shipping and take time-stamped photos of any problems or damage.


Equipment shipping can be a stress-free process with the right preparation.   Don’t forget to tell your transporters the access routes to picking up very large equipment, be prepared to offer an alternative like a large parking lot so they can meet you there.  Be on time to ensure a smooth start to your equipment delivery.


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