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Read, Write & Manage MS Project Documents without Using Micr

by aspose

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Projects have become an essential part of the daily business in many organizations therefore, use of project management tools is also on the rise. One of the most prominently used tool for managing projects is called Microsoft Project which allows project managers, planners and strategists to not only read or write project documents but also manage these files effectively. It also helps multiple resources working on a single project to work seamlessly with others to track the status of running activities and manage the required changes. Since people work on these project documents frequently, MS project must be available to these users at all times. It is not a feasible option for users working remotely or virtually on a project.

Therefore, a dynamic project management component which allows users to read, write as well as manage project documents at all times is required by such users. It works as a Microsoft Project alternative and ensures that you don't have to install Microsoft Project to manage a project. Such a component is provided by Aspose for .NET platform known as Aspose.Tasks. It enables .NET applications to not only read and make changes in Microsoft Project documents but to also write project documents in Project XML format. It is a state-of-the-art .NET component that provides the advanced functionality to manage as well as manipulate project documents. It is a mature and stable product which works well with both Win Form as well as Web Form applications.

Aspose.Tasks for .NET offers advanced features to read Microsoft Project files in MPP and XML format. You can create new project files from scratch and define, allocate as well as handle resources using this component. You can also manage task baselines, costs and milestones while rendering project data to HTML at the same time. You can sort tasks on names, define and manage calendars using this top-rated component. It also allows you to update custom properties of MPP Project files and write them back to the original MPP format. The contents of any project plan being viewed using Aspose.Tasks can be manipulated through its API. You can also make changes to the project document and write it to a disk in XML format.

Aspose.Tasks for .NET offers support for many Microsoft Project file formats, including:

1. Microsoft Project 2003

2. Microsoft Project 2007

3. Microsoft Project 2010

4. Microsoft Project 2013

Aspose.Tasks for .NET provides a unique functionality of managing project documents in any capacity. Regardless of complexity, Aspose.Tasks for .NET is capable of dealing with project documents ranging from simple to complex ones without any problem. It also provides features for working with resources within the defined project plans by supporting the resource attributes. It also provides COM interoperability services to the users so that they don't need to restrict themselves to using Aspose.Tasks with just the .NET platform. It can be used in any language with the availability of COM interoperability services. Such a spectrum of features and capabilities has ensured Aspose. Tasks to become one of the most readily used products of businesses worldwide.


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