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Social Housing Support through Firms Like Emerald Knight

by sabrinagarza

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Each person deserves to live in a secure shelter of their own. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights states that housing is a part of people's rights to adequate standards of living. Without the proper shelter, most people will have difficulty achieving their other basic needs.

However, a look at the global housing situation reveals millions of people who are still without a decent house of their own. Many are refugees who have been displaced by war or other calamities. Certain groups of homeless people in developed countries find themselves kicked out of their homes because of foreclosure or redevelopment. Slums are also a common sight in a lot of urban areas around the world. You can help make a difference through social housing projects supported by an ethical investment firm like Emerald Knight Consultants.

“Social housing” usually refers to rented houses in complexes managed by non-profit organizations, the national government, or a joint partnership between the two. These are low-cost projects in pre-planned communities that will have a host of facilities thrown in to augment the living conditions. The facilities may include a school, community hall, and utility treatment plants.

Social housing projects are common in countries that have a large housing problem. These may have large communities of former slum dwellers, who used to live in less-than-suitable conditions. While the dwellings themselves are very simple, it is a far better alternative than living in the streets.

Investing in a social housing project has its rewards. Certain investment outfits specialize in putting investors‘ money in an escrow account and handling it to finance the projects. The returns are pegged in the double digits after a certain period of time. The housing project likewise gives investors a chance to add to their investment, especially if it is slated to run for several years.

Shelter is one of the three cardinal needs a person requires in their lifetime – the other two being food and clothing. If you have some disposable income but want to use it in enriching other people’s lives, a company such as Emerald Knight Consultants will work things out with you. For more information, visit

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