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Research and Development Forecast of China Pharmaceutical

by prbharatbook

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May 31,2013 : Bharat Book Bureau presents the new report, on 'Research and Development Forecast of China Pharmaceutical Chain Market 2013-2017' makes the introduction and analysis of the industry’s management system and related policies and further points out the future investment opportunities of China’s pharmaceutical circulation field.Secondly it makes the deep analyses of the development status quo, advantages, existing problems and access barriers etc. of the pharmaceutical chain industry as well as the special chapter analysis of China’s top 100 pharmaceutical retail enterprises. Lastly it makes the future development forecast of China’s pharmaceutical chain, which can provide the decisive reference for the investment in the industry.

Influencing by the rapid development of China’s pharmaceutical industry and the increasing aging population, the pharmaceutical retail market develops rapidly, chain enterprises continuing the expansion and the number of the pharmacies increasing continuously. By the end of 2012, the sales amount of China’s top 100 pharmaceutical retail enterprises reached CNY 87.877 billion, up 17.51% compared to last year, with the share of 39.06% in China’s pharmaceutical retail market. The total number of branches of the top 100 enterprises’ direct sale-stores was 50,418 in 2012, up 4.96% year on year.

In the increasing market competition, the pharmaceutical retail market maintains the rapid development situation. With the promotion of the construction of Two Networks (pharmaceutical supply network and pharmaceutical monitoring network) and the reform of new cooperative medical care system in the rural areas, the rural pharmaceutical market gets the development, becoming the key areas of the future expansion of chain drugstores. With gradual perfect and comprehensive implementation of the new medical care system reform, China’s pharmaceutical retail market ushers the wonderful development opportunity, the pharmaceutical chain industry entering the period of the strategic opportunity with brand development prospect. During the 12th-Five-Year period, the proportion of chain drugstores will account for two thirds of the total drugstores and will be equipped comprehensively with licensed pharmacists.

Table of Contents:

1.1. Development of China’s Pharmaceutical Circulation Industry
1.1 Model and Main Business Forms of Pharmaceutical Chain
1.1.1 Business Model
1.1.2 Main Business Forms of Pharmaceutical Retails
1.2 Brief Introduction to the Development of China’s Pharmaceutical Circulation
1.3 Management System and Related Policies of the Industry
1.3.1 Competent Authorities
1.3.2 Main Laws and Regulations
1.4 Future Investment Opportunities of the Pharmaceutical Circulation Industry
1.4.1 Enterprises with Innovative Distribution Model
1.4.2 Retail Chain Pharmacies
1.4.3 Providers of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Added-Value Service
1.4.4 Standardized Third-Party Drug-Promotion Enterprises

2. Overview of China’s Pharmaceutical Chain Industry
2.1 Definition and Characteristics of Chain Business
2.1.1 Definition
2.1.2 Characteristics
2.1.3 Forms
2.2 Development Overview of China’s Chain Pharmacies
2.3 Reasons for the Rapid Development of China’s Chain Pharmacies
2.3.1 Powerful Support of the Government
2.3.2 Market Demands
2.3.3 Competitive Needs
2.3.4 Own Development Needs
2.4 Advantages of China’s Chain Business Pharmacies
2.4.1 Brand
2.4.2 High Quality Staff
2.4.3 Scale
2.4.4 Business and Management
2.4.5 Low Price
2.4.6 Channel Network
2.4.7 Professional Service
2.5 Problems Existing in China’s Chain Pharmacies
2.5.1 Small Scale and Large Quantity
2.5.2 Shortage of Talents
2.5.3 Imperfect Information System
2.5.4 Lacking the Perfect Distribution Center
2.6 Industry Barriers to Entry
2.6.1 Business Qualifications
2.6.2 Channel Barrier
2.6.3 Scale Barrier
2.6.4 Capital Demand
2.6.5 Brand Barrier
2.7 Special Analysis of China Pharmacy Union

3. Special Analysis of China’s Top 100 Pharmaceutical Retail Enterprises

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