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Pangong Tso Lake: Visit the Hypnotic Lake Shown in ‘3 Idiots

by sofiajennie

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When you are visiting Ladakh, then make sure to visit the famed Pangong Tso Lake. This article throws a small description and some vital info about this special attraction.

Pangong Tso Lake is amongst the highest and the most stunning lakes in India. It lies towards the Indo-Tibetan border and is one of the most striking inventions of God. Some of you may have already had a glimpse of it, without having an inkling of its name! If you are a movie buff and have seen that hit Bollywood caper ‘3 Idiots’, then you have already feasted on this lake’s beauty. The scene towards the climax when Kareena drives on her pillion towards a gaping and gawking Aamir was shot beside this lake!

Though this lake has always been a major draw for backpackers going on a Leh Ladakh tour, its popularity climbed to new heights after the release of ‘3 Idiots’. Now, more and more people are requesting their tour operators to include this lake in their Leh Ladakh tour package.

Pangong Tso Lake is nestled at a lofty height of over 14,270 feet. It is needless to say that the region is quite isolated and panoramic. The landscaped surroundings and the presence of the quiet mountains give this place a special aura. When you tour this place, make sure to arm yourself with a professional camera!

When to Visit Pangong Tso Lake: Pangong Tso Lake is not your typical round-the-year destination. It is located in one of the coldest zones of the country. In winter, temperatures dip below freezing point and the entire lake turns into ice. Yes, it can make for a phenomenal sight to gape at a massive frozen lake. But only the hungriest backpackers and the most daring travelers would hazard a winter trip to this destination.

The summer time is ideal for the general tourist. The summer months between April and June should be fantastic for getting a clear and warm sky!

Where to Say: Most tourists do not spend an overnight stay in the region due to lack of hotels and resorts. This is a deserted landscape. So, it would be too optimistic of you to expect the presence of a 3-star resort. However, there are good camps and tents which can be taken on rent. Alternatively, you can seek accommodations from local residents who usually rent out a room or two at cheap rates. You can also select a hotel or inn in the nearby towns.

A Few Traveling Tips While Visiting Pangong Tso Lake:

Here are some tips which you must keep in mind while visiting this lake-

1. In case you plan to have a night stay at the camps, tents or local houses, make sure that you are carrying enough woolens. The temperatures tend to nosedive after sunset.

2. Littering is strictly prohibited. This is a beautiful natural region which is also vulnerable. You must not dump your garbage and plastics anywhere in this region. It would be immoral, unethical and grievously injurious to the health of the nature.

3. If you are visiting the place only for a few hours (and do not intend to stay for the whole night), then make sure to include sunrise or sunset in your program. Ideally, you must stay back by this lake till the twilight hours.

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