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Five Main Points to Test Honda Engines

by bradmitchell

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When it comes to purchasing used Honda engines one needs to first make sure that the five basic tests are performed on the engine. This insures that the Honda engine is in good working order at the time of purchase and shipment. The five basic tests should be a compression test, an oil pressure test, a leak test, a sludge check, and then a visual inspection.

Compression Tests

The compression test is important when purchasing used Honda engines because the cylinders and valves can weaken over time, especially when they are just sitting in storage. A compression test will not only make sure that the cylinders can maintain adequate pressure but that they also maintain the same level of pressure between all of the cylinders in the engine.

Oil Pressure Test

The oil pressure should also be checked in the engine. If the engine cannot maintain adequate oil pressure, then it will not be able to distribute the oil evenly throughout the engine block. This is a very serious problem.

Leak Test

A third test should be a leak test. This just checks for any leakage of fluid coming from the engine. It checks for head gasket leakage. Generally overheated engine can lead to head gasket leakage which could be expensive to repair after engine is installed.

Sludge Test

The fourth test is the sludge test. The best way to check the sludge is to open the valve cover and inspect the sludge built up inside the head and inside layer of the valve cover. This visual inspection is better than just checking the Engine oil cap. Sludge is a result of irregular oil change which reduces life of the engine.

Visual Test

The fifth and final test is the visual inspection. This just involves looking for cracks in the engine block, worn belts, bad gaskets, etc. The inspection should also include checking each of the spark plugs to make sure they are firing correctly.

Most dealers will and should perform all of these tests for their customers before selling the engine to the customer. Always ask that they at least perform these five basic tests. If the dealer is hesitant to perform these tests, then the customer should definitely proceed with caution. Engine World USA on Youtube – Honda Engines from Japan

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