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Fight the summer heat with these simple tips from

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  • Go for free AC check up by car companies
  • Set the temperature right
  • Avoid parking under the direct sunlight

In the wake of the scorching summer which has already arrived, Experts at, India’s leading online marketplace for used cars and new cars have come up with some very useful and essential summer tips for your car.

Driving during summers can be very uncomfortable and such weather can take away all the joy of driving your favourite car. However, if you follow these simple tips by you can drive comfortably and can enjoy your daily driving routines too

The steps to be taken are:

1) AC check-up: What you need the most in your car while driving during summer is a properly working A/C. Many companies provide free A/C check-ups at their workshops, it is advisable for you to go to these workshops and utilise the facility, so that you’re A/C can be examined by an expert.

2) AC fan: It’s a natural tendency that one puts their AC fan at the maximum speed. However, the portal suggests that it is better to keep the fans one level lower than the maximum speed.

3) Temperature: If your car is equipped with a climate control system, in order to put less load on the engine, it is advisable that once the cabin is cooled, keep the temperature display to around 20-22.

4) AC filters: Our cars have to face the pollution on daily basis and hence consequently the dust in the air makes the AC filters clog up easily. Hence, change the filters every 20,000km for best cooling.

5) Car parking: We all know parking is a major problem and we hardly get the space of our choice, but try not to park the car in direct sunlight as much as possible. On a typical sunny day in summers, temperatures inside the car can reach as high as 60 degrees if parking under the direct sunlight.

6) Cloth shades for windows: As we all know window films are not legal now, its better to invest into the cloth shades which are available easily across stores.

7) Don't switch on AC immediately: This is very common practice that we switch on the AC immediately once we get inside the car. Instead, roll down the windows for some time and let the fresh air come inside and recirculate itself for better cooling.

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