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Food allergies are surprisingly very common in canines just like in human beings. Food allergies simply mean that the body has reacted adversely to some specific food or a specific ingredient in the food. This may show up as itchiness in particular places or all over the body with a lot of discomfort and scratching. It may even show up as diarrhoea, flatulence or mucus in the faeces.

The main causes of dog allergy is over processed commercial food which has been baked, dried, colored to such an extent that they do not resemble their original form at all. They become devoid of any nutrition whatsoever and the rampant usage of pesticides, steroids, preservatives, antibiotics make matters worse. The cheap commercial food is also devoid of any enzymes which help in digestion and which causes various allergies to manifest itself in the canine. Good bacteria too gets wiped out by the overabundance of pesticides, steroids and antibiotics in the food and the body is robbed of any natural immunity.

However, this said, not all commercial dog food is bad. In fact, if your canine is affected by an allergy it will be a good idea to switch over to a hypoallergenic dog allergy diet which will provide some relief and lessen the discomfort experienced by your canine.

To fully appreciate the benefits of a hypoallergenic dog allergy diet for your pet, you must first know that dogs are allergic to certain ingredients more commonly than other types of food. Wheat, corn, chicken, beef, milk, soy are some of the most common culprits in causing food allergy in dogs. If your canine happens to fall in this category, the best substitute for his diet would be a hydrolyzed protein hypoallergenic food which can be got commercially. This type of dog food contains proteins which are broken down so minutely that they can no longer cause any sort of allergy. Since this can be purchased only through your vet’s prescription, the hypoallergenic diet is often called the prescription diet.  Although more expensive than the normal dog food available commercially, it is certainly a better bet for your canine with allergies and will give him a lot of relief. While your dog is on this diet, be sure not to give him any table scraps or treats and follow the diet plan strictly.


You can also follow a dog allergy diet with home-cooked food and you can include beets, carrots, parsley, and celery in it. These are excellent for combating the canine’s allergies. Carrots for dogs are a must in any dog allergy diet as they have a lot of Vitamin A, B, C, D and E along with calcium and potassium. Your dog allergy diet would also mean a high fibre content which can be got from beet pulp. Hence, beets for dogs should form an important component of the canine diet. 

Properly charting and following a dog allergy diet will help your canine and give him relief from the allergies besetting him.


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