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Staking betting system in college football

by anonymous

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Identification of the bets is a very important part of the football betting and when punter has identified the matches, he will be betting on that matches, to maximize the benefits on that matches various systems are available and a punter can use those systems in order to maximize his profit, staking is one of them  ,with the help of staking punters can increase  the chances of getting profit  ,obviously if you have knowledge about staking system and you have choice that which staking system would you like to prefer so you can use that one or you can use all of them ,Here we are giving a general idea about staking system , initially we will start from level one staking system .

Level one staking system  

According to level one staking system, there will be one stake in which all the selected bets will be on which you have to make bets and it is a very simple way of betting and in this system each match will be treated as a single bet .if on a one day there are six bets so you should expect to be a winner only one or two bites but over –generous bets offered ensure that small number of winner easily cover any losing bets and silently leave good profit .If you have one winner from six bets so you will get profit of one or two points and if you have two winners from six bets so you will get benefit of eight points .

Important points for football betting

Here the most significant thing is if you have require to bet on top ten lists teams away games so please make sure that you write the best with home teams and their scores listed first and the top ten lists always gives the home team scores first and if you are having pre printed football coupon, so just write the score as it is as listed in the top ten results.

The second important point is here, if there are two teams which are playing with each other are in the list, so treat both as a separate bet and both have good odds but obviously both can’t win together because they are playing with each other .Bets on stakes are always good in order to get win continuously and consistent profits and if you want bigger profits and are ready for little patience so try to bet on multiple bets as we are showing in system two.

Betting on multiple

If you are selecting your best so it is possible that you can convert your betting in multiple betting and by this way you can increase your potential payout by combining the bets in multiple bets, you can use the permutation chart to find out that how many bits are required and you can use doubles and trebles are generally the best multiples and due to that it gives nice payouts for a small stake and it will come regularly , some punters don’t bet on multiple system because they think that with the multiple betting you multiply you disadvantages with your every bet and it is correct also in some aspects but when you bet on multiple with value odds system no need to worry , you will get benefit with the best.

Fixed odds and value odds  

Value odds provided more profit in comparison to fixed odds and value odds are better than fixed odds, because fixed odds decided by the bookies and they also want to earn money so be careful with the fixed odds betting.

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