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10 Iphone Application Tips that do not work

by anonymous

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It seems like everyone has to be say something about how to be a perfect iPhone app developer. Things are not so simple especially with so many variables attached to the process. Every application is unique and needs a different treatment from developers. However, the so called ‘experts’ never cease to share their opinion telling you some shortcuts for success but we are going to offer you a list things or rather tips from these self appointed experts that actually don’t work.


  1. They say that you should invest enough in market research. However, the fact is that most of the first-time iPhone application development is done in a shoestring budget with hardly any scope for such ventures. In case, you are still pretty moved by the idea, we recommend that you do it without money over the internet.
  2. One of the other tips we came across was testing with as much users as possible. Just like the point above, people really don’t have time and money to bring in demi-users and study what they have to say about the application.
  3. Peoplesay that developers should constantly change their app but iPhone app developers should understand that things are quite different in real world. Once the app is out of their hands, they cannot do much about it except fixing the bugs.
  4. Another illogical piece of tip is to go with individuals and part timers to save some quick bucks. This is pretty upsetting especially coming from veterans in the market. Why would you give your iPhone application development into the handoff novices just to save money? We recommend going with proven track records of companies.
  5. While researching on the topic, we also came across a blog post claiming that an iPhone app developer understand his work better and so can design great. So why doesn’t he test and sell it himself? The work should rather be left to profession designers in most cases. If budget doesn’t allow that, you can take some help from part timers here.
  6. Now while going with your instincts can be good at times, you should understand that one great app doesn’t make you the god of iPhone app developers in the same way a failed app doesn’t qualify you for the worst developers of all times. No matter how well your app has worked in the past, it is essential to start from zero while working on a new application.
  7. Some people say that effective iPhone application development is all about the end results. While it is true to an extent, the idea wouldn’t work if you and your team don’t believe in what is going around. Undeniably, you should have the idea of what the end product would look like but the process of development should be enjoyable too.
  8. Finally, an iPhone app developer can create all types of apps is also a myth. Someone is good at games, someone at navigation apps while someone just love to create fun apps.

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