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Be aware of the Symptoms of uterus fibroids

by lifeuninterrupted

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If a study is made on women’s life it will show that a majority of women go through the fearful thought of the life threatening word cancer when they find some abnormality with their normal periodical cycle. But, in most of the cases the fear is baseless because the abnormal bleeding is often found as a result of uterine fibroid. Uterine fibroid is one type of tumor that grows on the muscle of uterus. No one can surely confirm why a fibroid takes place. But it is normally find that it grows as long a woman’s menstruation cycle goes on. So it must have some relations with the hormones that controls a woman’s cycle. A uterine fibroid tumor never causes womb cancer as they are completely benign in nature. So, it is quite baseless to get panicky if one hears that she is having a uterine tumor.

Many women do not understand that she is having fibroid because it is too tiny and does not show any alarming symptoms. In those cases it does not need any treatment because this is one type of womb tumors which does not keep any harmful affect on the body. But in some cases the size of the fibroid increases with time and shows the disturbing symptoms. There are various symptoms of uterus fibroids. One of the most common symptoms is heavy bleeding with clotting at the time of period. Often there are incidents of bleeding between two cycles. The heavy bleeding can make a patient anemic and in few cases patient may go through a stage of trauma. Constant lower abdominal pain is another syndrome of having uterus tumor. Some complain of having pelvic pain.

When one suffers from these symptoms she must take medical help and consult with her doctor. Doctors normally suggest an USG to be sure that there is one or more than one fibroid in the uterus. Sometimes if the patient suffers from the problem of overweight it becomes quite difficult to find out the fibroid. The doctor decides about the uterus fibroids Treatment evaluating the age of the patient and the stage of the fibroid. His first concern is to decrease the bleeding so that it does not make the patient anemic. Normally contraceptive pills and iron supplementary are given to reduce heavy bleeding and to stop the patient from being anemic. Sometime doctors prefer for hormonal therapy for a short period.

But when these processes fail to stop the growth of the fibroid then doctor prefers to go for surgical way for treatment of fibroids. If the patient is planning for pregnancy doctors do not take any chance and surgically remove the fibroid from the uterine wall which is known as myomectomy. Sometimes doctors use surgical methods to stop blood flow to the fibroid which automatically shrinks the fibroid. But, when nothing works and fibroids come back on uterine wall again and again and affect the general health with heavy bleeding doctors have no option but to go for hysterectomy.

Treating uterine fibroid is not a severe issue and it is not a life threatening problem. So, whenever find some abnormality in your regular cycle visit a doctor and make life hassle less.


My Self Deepak Sharma is author of the article and is here to share the awareness about treatment of uterine fibroid as now maximum numbers of women are suffering from uterine fibroids tumors and it is necessary to spread awareness about this medical problem.

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