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What Your Zodiac Sign Says: Cancer

by truthstar

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People born between June 22 and July 22 have Cancer as their Zodiac sign and the lord of the Cancer is the Moon that means the planetary ruler of this Zodiac sign is Moon. People born with this Zodiac sign are very emotional and sensitive though they seem to be tough from the outside. They are deeply hurt by the harsh words used by someone for them and are most likely to sink into depression. And this is the reason, why such people seek solace in their family members and close friends. Cancer personalities take great pleasure in the comforts of family, home and friend. 


People born with this Zodiac sign are known for their mood swing and can react very aggressively over things which can be trivial for others. They can lose their temper over tiny issues and hence people are afraid when it comes to share things with them.  In the same way, people with Zodiac sign Cancer are very secretive in nature and will not love to share their feelings.  


As Cancer is a member of water element, their behavior tends to be like that. As water represents emotions, people born with Cancer as their Zodiac sign can either be full of waves or can be as calm as lake. It can be as shallow as water in small pit and at time can be as deep as a sea.  Some of the strong qualities of them are trustworthiness, adaptability, reliability and trustworthiness.


The negative sides of the people having Cancer Zodiac sign are temperamental, clingy and selfish. They always fear that the thing happened in the past may come back to the future.


Lucky for Cancer: Lucky colors for Cancer traits are Orange and White and the lucky days for them are Thursday and Monday. Some numbers which can prove lucky for them are 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, and 25.


Cancer Daily Horoscope:


Career: When it comes to work, Cancer people work steadily and always try to ensure that the work given to them is being done in the manner it is supposed to be done. And hence they always give perfection in their work. They move slowly, step-by-step, with all cautious and once close to their goal, they will speed up like anything in order to clinch the victory. They have god gifted quality of learning a variety of subjects which makes them excellent actors, composers, artists and writers.


Friendship and relation: The Cancer traits are very helpful in nature and are always willing to lend the helping hand to the needy. They are very sensitive in nature and hence take care of their better half too much. They search for partner, who can understand the feelings and who is intuitive.


Cancer persons make excellent parents and are ready to do anything for the sake of their children. They are very attached to their children and will never show their anger on them. Women with Cancer zodiac sign are very caring mother and they will pour their heart not only to their children but to their friends also.


Cancer daily horoscope suggests them to go for a walk with their close friends today as they may tend to help them.


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