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AAC Block Making Machinery Manufacturer in India

by pneucon

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Cellular light weight concrete block Mixer machine


Cellular concrete brick (light brick) is a kind of light and porous building material. It's only weigh 500-700kg/m3, which is 1/5 of the ordinary blocks. It also has the nature of heat retaining and insulation, preventing fire and resisting earthquake. It can be make into many kinds of bricks (for example: 600× 200× 100mm, 600× 150× 100mm, 600× 300× 200mm, 600× 200× 150mm ). It is an ideal material used either in industry building and common building and has a bright future all over the world they will replace the Clay brick completely.

Common concrete density is usually 1600-2400kg/m3, but light weight concrete are 500kg/m3, 600kg/m3, 700kg/m3. It has not the big grain, main use silicon material (for example: Coal ash, sand, stone dust and others ), through making the material small for example sand, they can be used directly if has enough degree of small (for example coal ash. Mixing calcium material lime cement water to a special slop, then add the aluminum dust and the additive. Make the aluminum dust and the special slop have a Chemical reflect. Then produce Hydrogen to make the concrete slop to expanding or swell foam. Next, put them into the curing room to concreting cutting steaming curing. Last, there will become the light brick. The porous rate is 70-80%.

Advantages of PNEUCON

  • Large variety of sizes: PNEUCON can be produced in a large variety of sizes, from standard blocks to large reinforced panels.
  • Excellent thermal insulation: PNEUCON has a very low thermal conductivity and therefore a very high thermal energy efficiency is achieved. These results in savings on heating and cooling cost Bs.
  • Extreme lightweight: PNEUCON weighs approximately 50% less than other comparable building products.
  • High compressive strength: PNEUCON is a solid product, therefore making it highly load bearing. The entire surface area is used in structural calculations.
  • High dimensional accuracy: As a result of its dimensional accuracy, PNEUCON is extremely easy to install, as no thick set mortar is required.
  • Great acoustic insulation: The porous structure of PNEUCON provides a high acoustic insulation. Termite resistance: PNEUCON cannot be damaged by termites or insects.
  • High workability: As a result of the excellent size/weight ratio, constructing with PNEUCON is very rapid. Even though PNEUCON is a solid building material, it can be cut, sawn, drilled, nailed and milled like wood, making it an extremely workable product.

Company Description

We specialize in manufacturing light weight brick or foam brick and various kinds of Brick Making Machine lines, By introducing the most advance technology in the world and long time improvement, we developed high quality block machine lines with practicable pattern and low cost.


Now our products have been confirmed by more and more clients both domestic and worldwide and we have more and more new style models out our workshops. We hope to cooperate with more and more company worldwide by supplying our high quality products and service.

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