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Identify How To Research Penny Stocks And Begin Profiting

by stanleymilner

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Once you know how to research penny stocks the game becomes a
whole lot easier. The funny thing is most individuals are unaware that there is
no need to do fundamental analysis on penny stocks. For the most part the basic
idea behind most penny stocks is that they are in an exploratory state and do
not generate a net profit. Many times these companies do not even have any
revenues because they do not have a product to sell. What the successful penny
stocks do have is a believable "story" and an awesome idea for a
product or service. If there were a high chance for this story to come true it
would be okay, but unfortunately it's not true and there is almost no chance.
These penny stocks are priced this way because penny stocks almost never are
able to bring their products to market. Even worse a large number of penny
stocks are simply penny stocks scams. These corporations are created for only
one purpose and that is to steal as much money as possible from the general
public that don't know how the penny stocks market operates.
To begin figuring out how to go about the generating income in penny stocks you
must understand "how to research penny stocks" our way.


Does The Process Begin?

When you start off trying to find how to research penny
you will get a lot of bad advice. Since almost everyone is
unsuccessful at profiting in penny stocks, you will not find much good info,
especial if it is for free. You also will find a lot of bad, potentially
harmful info, at a high price because nearly everyone that is selling a product
about investing in penny stocks or how to make millions in penny stocks, is out
to scam you. An individual needs to start looking at the penny stock market in
a different light with the complete understanding that these microcap stocks
are the scum of the stock market, and buying and holding them for at most
several days, is the only true method of potentially making money in penny
stocks. I want to emphasize the word potentially because the trust of the
matter is there are no guarantees even if you lower your holding period
substantially. You will have to follow a specific plan which mandates exactly
what prices you will buy and sell a penny stock at and how much you will risk
per trade. Without doing this a person’s chance of success dramatically


Which Penny Stocks To Watch

Now that you understand the first step you must realize the
second step. The simplest method of identifying penny stocks to watch is using
a stock screener. Building a watch list is important because there are so many
penny stocks to buy that there’s no way you could filter them out without a
stock selection tool such as a real time stock screener. This will enable you
to only focus on stocks which have the potential to move higher or lower by a
big amount, and this is what you need to make money. I really feel this is the
one tool every trader needs to profit in penny stocks. It is extremely
important part of how to identify and how to research penny stocks.

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