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They are Bangkok’s Museums Calling You This Time

by sofiajennie

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Bangkok is rich in history and cultures, which can be best explored visiting the city’s fine museums. This article takes you a virtual tour of a few of the Bangkok’s popular museums.

It was hot, sweaty and something that you may find grueling to deal with. I had drunk 2 bottles of beer to cool me off. But I was in search of a place to let my fancy to be satiated to the core. The only reason for my visit to Bangkok, this time, was to explore the city’s well-famous museums. I’ve been a kind of history admirer who finds triumph in discovering cause behind monuments. Last time when I was on Bangkok tour, I got mesmerized wandering around the temples and palaces, which are said to be the city’s heart and soul. The awe-inspiring architecture, the glittering decoration and grand historical importance make these historical gems precious and coveted, not just among the locals but also for the vacationers.

Now when the city has so much preserved from its history, what’s wrong if it has been displayed or exhibited. Bangkok has plenty of museums which expose the Thai history in a really sublime and strangest way. You can imagine taking a wonderful insight into the colorful cultures and unique heritage of the kingdom. Be sure to have enough time in spare, as most of them would make you lost in a wrap of time that was glorious indeed.

Here are a few of the splendid museums that I headed on during my trip to Thai kingdom. Bangkok feels chest-thumping on them:

Thai Imagery Museum: Chasing the footsteps of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, London, this museum continues to grow in popularity in Thailand. It houses life-size statues, mainly of country’s revered monks, scholars and kings, created by the great artist Duangkaew Phityakornsilp. However, the visitors can meet many International celebrities too including Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill.

Air Force Museum: Come here and you may get to know the entire history of Thai Aviation. Though it is not as braggy or famous as the big air museums in Paris or London, taking a visit and exploring the flying machines here is worth your while. About 30 airplanes are displayed both indoor and outdoor, which are sure to fascinate you with their technique and design. Among the major attractions include the old, bulky Vought Corsair V-93s, the Curtiss Hawk and the two seat bomber ‘Paribatra’.

Royal Barges Museum: As the name suggests, this museum houses some of the most stunning royal barges which are reserved for auspicious ceremonies and state occasions. They are 8 in count and each of them has a sign indicating its name and year of construction. One of these vessels, named as 'Suphannahonse' is 46 meters long and is built using gold. Since the royal processions don’t take place so often, you would be just lucky to see the boats on water.

Some other popular museums in Bangkok are the Batcat Toy Museum, House of Museums and Forensic Museum.

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