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Putting on Morale Patches for your USAF Wing

by nelsontillmon

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If you take a view at any US Air Force officer or enlisted service personnel's official uniform, whether office attire or an overalls, you may distinguish some morale patches at certain spots of the clothing. While most of your patches mark your rank, unit, and your feats, morale badges are normally unsanctioned and customizable. In the past, these patches should be sewn right into the uniform. Today's advancements however has certainly permitted badges to be ironed into the uniform instead. Here are some ideas on ways to iron in your Air Force morale patches.

You will need to get some safety pins, a flatiron and an ironing board. You should also have a clean pillowcase and fusible webbing, a sticky bonding chemical that can seal two sheets of fabric together. Essentially, several of these webbing also have a paper support, either on one side or both sides. You can pick from various labels in many outlets.

Position your uniform so that its front faces you. Decide where you wish to put your morale patch. Set it on your picked spot and secure it with a pin. If you have various other morale patches to attach, duplicate the step before you move on to the next step. Now wear the uniform and stand in front of a mirror. If you're contented with the arrangement of the patches, you can begin ironing over them.

Remove your uniform and remove all but just one of the patches. You should deal with one patch at a time for quick resolution. To avoid having to shift the various other patches, you can leave the pins in their place, or jot down the places where they need to be. Turn on your flatiron and set the heat level to the proper setup for your textile.

Cut a size of your fusible webbing not larger than your patch, and delicately install it behind the latter. Align the patch on the uniform and place the pillowcase carefully on the patch. Then, depress the flatiron snugly over the pillow case and let settle for about 25 seconds. Now assess the bond; if it's still loose, incorporate even more webbing and repeat the ironing. Remove the flatiron and pillowcase and let the patch cool.

Custom-made morale patches can provide your Air Force uniform that definitive look and present proper identification from the other soldiers. Whether you purchase from a shop or online, ensure that you get a top quality morale patch from a credible producer with a determination to quality criteria. For more details, go to


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