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Chief Features of The Orton Gillingham Approach For Learning

by eblcoaching

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The Orton Gillingham approach of helping children with learning disabilities has been in use since 1930 and has benefited many children around the world. This is a multi-sensory learning system that is taught in special schools and sessions. It emphasizes on learning by seeing, listening and imagining. It is formulated using the basics of word formulation in the phonics based system. The child has to use his visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses to comprehend what is taught to him.

Orton Gillingham Tutoring in New Jersey starts with evaluating the weaknesses and strengths of the child. This helps in determining the basic cause that is keeping the child from learning and retaining the knowledge like a normal child. The tutor then formulates a customized learning program for him to let him learn by making the correct use of his strengths and cover up his weaknesses. The following features of the Orton Gillingham approach make it helpful for the disabled children –

• Multi-sensory approach – When the tutoring lessons are departed, the child is made to use multiple numbers of his senses in sync. He has to establish a continuous interaction between what he is looking at, hearing and sensing. He observes the changing speech mechanism and the hand strokes while writing. The students are also exposed to using computers with mouse, keyboard and a microphone to help them relate what they see on the screen to what they hear and how the word is spelled.

• Language phonetics – The phonetics of a language determine how sounds are related to words according to the linguistics. The association between sounds and their symbols is taught in an easily understandable and enjoyable manner. The sole aim of this approach is to explain the letter - sound correlation to the child and help him form words and sentences from his own understanding.

• Analytic approach – When the student excels in correlating letters with sounds, he is taught how to blend different sounds together to read out a word. He is also taught how to separate sounds from a word and spell a word.

• Systematic methodology – As the child shows improvement, he is promoted to a higher level of learning. After learning sound association, linguistic rules and word formation, he is taught to form meaningful sentences. The program follows a systematic approach where the child is made to excel at one step before advancing to the next level.

• Regular evaluations – During the different levels of the program, the child is assessed repeatedly to make sure that he remembers the previously taught things and is able to use his knowledge. The scores thus obtained by students in quizzes and assessments indicate their growth and can be discussed with their parents as well.

All these features of an Orton Gillingham tutoring program let the children understand the basics of a language. After attending these programs, children become able to read, write and comprehend a language like a normal child of their age.

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