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Crystal balls and their use in psychic reading

by JimmyZhang

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Clairvoyant psychics have for centuries been known to use crystal balls in their practices for reading purposes. Apsychicis someone who can see and feel things most normal people cannot. One can purchase crystal ball in several shapes, sizes and types; crystal balls can be imperfect, have illusions, or be as clear as glass.

Crystal balls are believed to have healing power. Their use dates all the way back to the age of the Egyptian Pharaohs who believed in their healing power for almost every ailment. There are even references in the Dead Sea Scrolls about the healing power of crystal balls. Today, lots of people still believe in their powers and for this reason they purchase crystal ball.

When psychics are in the process of using crystal balls they may get images either from the crystal ball itself or from holographic images which appear in their minds. It is upon a psychic to decide on which images to focus upon. The holographic images will be guided by the client's imprint of his or her soul or by a spirit. When a psychic gazes into a very clear crystal ball the third eye opens and the psychic is allowed to see the said images.

As observed, the buying of crystal balls is not limited to psychics. Some of us prefer to purchase crystal ball and use them on our own. It is said that when buying crystal balls the perfect balls will seem to call you. You will find that there is something familiar in the frequency of the crystal ball; it will feel just right for you. It is advisable to look at several crystal balls either in person or online before making the decision to purchase and there are several sites online where one can easily purchase crystal ball.

Once you have purchased a crystal ball it is important to cleanse it and in some cases there are dictated chants to accompany the process. Other times psychics will simply leave them in the sunlight or in the moonlight in order to cleanse them. Whatever method you use do not soak your crystal ball in salty water as this will leave a salty film on its surface.

As is the case with many forms of psychic reading, the images seen in the crystal balls can only be interpreted by the person who is having the reading done. If you happen to see nothing in the crystal ball do not be disappointed - just continue and try again. After all, crystal balls will steadily release positive energy into the room they are in.

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