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Some Essential Things During Hunting

by zelliwillshon

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When it comes to clothing for
hunting everyone has their own taste and favorites. Here are some tips for your
selection if you are new to hunting and looking for some attire advice.

If you are deer hunting, you
must wear weatherproof clothing which is quiet when you move your arms.
Waxed jackets and plastic or nylon based are not recommended. Waxed jackets
become nastily stiff when wet and if you are deer hunting getting wet is
likely! Waged jackets are ok for rough shooting or driven bird shooting as
noise will not be a hindering factor. Non waterproof tweed and lode are not
recommended as these become really heavy when wet.

The best idea is to get clothes
that are soft and breathable. Cammo colored clothing is ok for pigeon shooting
and deer hunting, but definitely not acceptable for driven shooting. Don’t
forget a smart plain cap in muted colours and with a peak for shading your

When the sun has got its hat on
in the summer a sleeveless 'body warmer' or gilet would be most suitable. Unfortunately
it is cold most of the time, so when it is wear two thin jerseys underneath one
another and a long sleeved shirt from thin cotton.


Number one thing to be
concerned about is wearing comfy trousers that do not restrict your walk. Tweed
trousers are recommended as they can handle barbed wire and tough brambles.
Gore-tex has some high-wait trousers which are waterproof and breathable but
easily rip on fences and brambles. All the highland keepers where tweed so take
a leaf from their book. Tweed does not go dark when wet so great for keeping
concealed when deer hunting don't chill when wet and cope with briars.


Now for your feet: Waterproof
footwear is commonsense. The I have found is lace up and over-ankle leather
boots. They are bulky in your travel bag but are suitable for every kind of
shoot, it’s a safe bet. Rubber wellingtons are useful if the weather is wet and
you are low ground hunting, but otherwise they are hopeless for support and


Always have two pairs of
fingerless gloves. You need them for shooting and if one pair gets wet you have
back up. Even if it is warm pigeon shooters wear them to hide their white


A cartridge bag for driven shoots
with an Airsoft shotgun or a
cartridge belt for walked up shooters. A few other things may include soft gun
slip, small knapsack to carry lunch, camera, spare jersey and to even carry a
bird or two if you are at the end of a line and the keeper can't collect the
bird off you immediately. Gun cleaning kit.

Take a pair of binoculars if
you are deer hunting with a rifle, knife and some string if you are hunting on
a 2:1 basis. Also get a small back pack to carry spare jersey. Every hunter
will need a knife. Sticks are great for testing moss areas covering deep water,
before you end up wet and cold test it with your stick. Woodland stalkers
should take a long stick and hill stalkers a shorter one  Don’t forget to
wedge in your bag some insect repellent and a rifle cleaning kit. You can buy a
lot of your items online for better prices, search for army surplus as those
sites offer really suitable items at less specialist prices.

If, anyone have any doubt about these
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