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Antivirus and Malwares: How they can affect you

by ekta

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These days computer has emerged as one of the important part of our lives. We  use laptops ,carry them with us so we can access our information anywhere we want. With the help of internet we can stay connected with our loved ones. However on the other side of bridge we have Malicious users/Hackers continuously harming us by creating security loop hole. By this they tend to create harmful programs which can impact our information badly and even worst, hackers can gain access to virtually any file or information stored on your computer. These malicious computer hackers, viruses and email spam are only a few of the possible threats that can breach personal security. You could potentially lose all of your data or become unable to use it, or can lost passwords stored in your browser. Such malicious programs are usually called Malware.


Malware is a term for any software that gets installed on your machine and performs unwanted tasks, often for some third party's benefit. They are distinguished on the basis of tasks they perform which may be sometimes being simple annoyances (pop-up advertising) to causing serious computer invasion and damage (e.g., stealing passwords and data or infecting other machines on the network). Some Malwares are designed esp. to get user Browsing information and stealing important information etc.


To get Rid of all these issues. Thank God, we have various anti-virus softwares available in market .

An AntiVirus is a computer program that detects, prevents, Secure Computer from malicious software programs, such as viruses and worms etc.

These days Anti viruses are available as Paid and Free .Paid antivirus are more beneficial than any free antivirus because they offer technical support and more critical upgrades to your software that only a full version antivirus product can provide.

Paid Version Provide more features as compared to free versions of antivirus softwares . The prime advantage you get with a paid antivirus is that they are responsible to you and to your hacked system. It means that they have to provide customer support either via email or by phone with a response within 7 working days. Customer support is a feature not available in most free antivirus, if something goes wrong that can’t be solved by the software you’re stuck trying to work it out by yourself.

Due to these vary reasons personally believe Paid Anti Viruses as way much better than free Anti viruses.  There are several websites that offer paid antivirus subscription at great discounts. So don’t worry to pay few bucks for paid software, as this will save your million dollar data.

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