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Arm Liposuction Recovery Tips

by paslnyc

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Flabby upper arms are commonly seen with increasing age. This can be rather unattractive and make you extremely self conscious. Even though you can get rid of fat with weight training and exercises, it is not possible to tone the skin always with these methods. Arm liposuction provided at leading plastic surgery centers in New York helps to get rid of flabby upper arms and tone them.

The Procedure of Arm Liposuction

Laser liposuction for the arms is provided with the advanced Smartlipo Triplex body contouring system introduced by Cynosure. Generally around two hours are taken for completion of the procedure. Laser energy is delivered to the fat cells to melt them. The melted fat is safely drained away without causing any discomfort to the patient. The Smartlipo procedure also tightens the skin, giving the arms a more toned and younger appearance. It is a safe procedure because it can be carried out under local anesthesia. Patients remain awake during the entire plastic surgery procedure, and discomfort is minimal. Scarring, bleeding, pain and trauma are negligible. Recovery is quick, and this allows patients to return to work within a few days.

Recovery Tips

The time taken for recovering from upper arm liposuction is approximately around 5 weeks. After the completion of the surgery, a kind of soreness and heaviness may be felt by the patients in their arms. Complete rest is recommended by the surgeons for 5 days after the procedure. The patients are usually instructed to wear a compression sleeve around their arms. This helps to hold the area of operation, together. Even the incision is held at the right place, by this compression sleeve. This sleeve should be worn for around 4 weeks after the procedure and you should rest the arm, as much as possible. When one follows these precautions, the recovery time will also be faster. Although slight bruising and swelling may be noticed on the upper arms, they disappear soon. To enjoy a safe and effective procedure as well as speedy recovery, you must follow all the instructions of your plastic surgeon.

The plastic surgeon you approach should ideally be board certified, and provide arm liposuction at an accredited plastic surgery center. Before the procedure itself, you must make sure that the facility is equipped with the latest technology and has efficient and caring support staff.