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Learning Phases & Procedures of Quran Children

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The Quran is a holistic book of knowledge and the most admired religious text of Islam. Muslims believe that it is the verbatim word of the God (Allah). Muslims don't just treat it as the holy book but also they remember every line of it with their meaning. So from the childhood they are taught the Quran and after completion of learning, they are called as Quran children. Though originally it is a piece of Arabic literature but it can be found in translating forms all over the world in different languages.

The Quran Learning Procedure

Since the Quran lesson is totally different and it is more of a prayer to Allah than just a lesson so it is taught in a holy place. The place where the Quran is taught is either near to a Mosque or within it. It is considered as a place to learn for secondary education. Quran children learn the primary education at their home when a priest comes to them and speaks a few lines of the Quran. This is the starting off learning Quran and as they grow up they memorize the whole texts of it. Gradually they are explained the meaning of each and every word of it.

How the Learning Starts

 At the age of six, Muslim kids are sent to primary school for primary education. There the students get the knowledge of elementary education and attend Quran class. There they also learn various languages like Urdu and English etc., literature, Islamic metaphysics, Islamic ethics and many more till the age of fourteen.

Next Phase of Primary Education

After finishing primary education, the Quran children join next school where they learn manual skills. After the age of fourteen they are allowed choose their way in terms of their specialization in any specific field. They should recognize their interest and talent at this age and proceed in that way to make their careers. This is the age where they need the flexibility focus and concentration. The knowledge of the Quran helps in this stage up to a great deal.

Arabian Way of Teaching Quran

It is believed that Arabic teaching is the best way of making a kid to learn the Quran properly. They do not force the children to memorize it in the given target time. Every child has different capacity in memorizing and understanding. Whether you one of the parents of a kid or a teacher you should treat the kids with a lot of patience. Also they do not leave the kids without asking them to learn it. The best way is to give five minutes every day in which they will recite the remembered lines and learn new lines. This process is repeated three to four times per day.

The Quran for kids is that much necessary as much as the mother is necessary for a kid. You cannot avoid or postpone teaching the Quran to your kid. At the learning phase the Quran children must start learning the Quran and later they should understand its meaning as well.

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