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Surplus Stores for Your Feet

by zelliwillshon

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Every UK soldier,
hunter, and outdoor sportsman will at some point find him or herself in a
situation where simple footwear accessories will prove to be a necessity. You
want to have your footwear accessories on hand when that happens.

What exactly is
meant by "accessories?" In reality, it means anything that isn't
defined by shoes, boots, or socks. here is a short list of items that could be
on your footwear accessories list:

  • Boot laces
  • Boot polish
  • Boot bag
  • Insoles
  • Boot care kits

None of these items
are particularly expensive, yet they will be used. Most likely, they'll be used
over and over again. And because they are inexpensive, you'd do yourself well
to stock up on them. That way, you'll them available when you need them - no
matter when you need them.

The only item on
this list you should order only of, and that's only if you have just one pair
of boots, is the boot bag. You should order one boot bag per pair of boots,
actually. There's really no better way to ensure that your military or hunting
boots are taken good care of.

Besides a boot bag,
you'll want to have several pair of boot laces on hand in case yours break or
become so weather worn that they need replacing. In fact, you should keep your
extra pair of boot laces in your boot bag. And you'll also want several cans of
boot polish. You'd hate to be a day before your inspection and need to polish
your boots when you discover that you're out of polish. And those insoles,
they're the perfect accessory for keeping the feet comfortable on long rock

It isn't much, and
they really small things, but those footwear accessories could really be the
difference between staying comfortable and having your feet take on a bad case
of murderer's revenge.

When you are out and
about it makes sense to have the right footwear. Here at military surplus stores we have a whole range of boots available
which helps to ensure that whatever you are looking for there will be something
to suit. Brand names we stock include Web-Tex, Viper and Magnum. All of these
boots are sturdy and made to be safe to wear for all door pursuits. Whether
you’re hiking, camping or taking part in military movements these boots will be
right up your street!


If you are looking
for ex-military footwear then you have come to the right place. Searching for
parade shoes? Want to buy some cadet shoes? We have exactly what you need! We
even have composite safety shoes for those that need them. Here at Army Surplus
we pride ourselves in offering high quality footwear at a price that isn't
going to break the bank. We know that the right footwear is essential, so we
try to make sure we stock something for everyone.

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