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Recycling in Reno; How cities like Reno & Denver Recycle Pla

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Plastic resins are used to make a variety of products which include plastic bags, water bottles, waste containers, vitamin bottles, food packaging and much more.  With the amount of these products only increasing in the world, the need for recycling them is stronger than ever.  What more can be done?


Many cities across the US have taken on the recycling trend with full force.  Some have implemented regulations that make recycling plastic obligatory.  For example, recycling in Reno includes a curbside recycling scheme which has seen a major increase in household participation due to its convenience.


A large number of retailers support commercial plastic recycling and provide re-usable bags (sometimes for a small charge), and plastic bag recycling points at their stores for easy disposal.  Businesses that are recycling in Reno are helping to improve the environment with this active participation.


Another good example of a recycling city is Denver, Colorado.  With a metropolitan population of over 2.5 million, there is a lot of waste to deal with, but residents here are determined to keep their city clean.  Part of theDenver recycle initiative includes recycling bins locatedinside green urban parkways.


Sometimes more than just curbside recycling is required, as not all plastic resin materials are accepted here, especially the larger items.  This is when companies who specialize in recycling plastic come into action, and offer to pick up larger items to be recycled and then sold on to make other products.


The Denver recycle project is just one of many who are expanding their curbside recycling landscape to include rigid plastic items, a move that will certainly help reduce landfill sites.  Even though this is complying with local law, there is a high resident participation rate here which has lasting effects.


Recycling in Reno has had some of the same positive effects on the environment by introducing single-stream recycling.  This is a more flexible scheme which allows more similar items to be recycled together.  This means reduced sorting for residents and less recyclable items put in the garbage.


All of this spells good news for the country’s recycling rate as a whole.  If each city steps up their recycling of plastic resins by providing single-stream recycling and create companies that offer recycling services to the bigger corporations, it would have a huge, positive impact to the global environment.



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