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Real Estate Agent - Think Twice Before You Choose One

by home4sure

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Buying a property is certainly one of the most important decisions. Not only because it involves big investment but also because it involvers a a bigger risk. However, with all the risks involved investment in real estate will more than likely give you ideal returns.

We therefore recommend that buyers need to be cautious for their investment decision. There are several factors to consider before investing, and one of the most crucial one is to be able to select the right real estate agent.

Yes, choosing the right real estate agent will help you in more than one ways. Here are the roles of a real estate agent in your property transaction:

  1. He is your partner in investment and should guide you with best project
  2. He should be aware of the legal transaction of the builder
  3. Good real estate agent will suggest you why not to invest in a particular property, rather than convince you to buy one.
  4. He should also be able to negotiate the best rate for you with the builder.
  5. He will do all paperwork on your behalf.
  6. He will be the single touch point between you and the builder for all issues.
  7. He will help you till the final possession work is over.

Well, with such an important role to play, it becomes crucial that you select the right real estate agent. However that is only easier said than done because it is very difficult to really judge an individual. We recommend a few tips to be able to get through the right real estate agent.

  1. Years in Business: Ask your agent business history, and for how many years has he been in business and catered to which all areas. The longer the tenure, the safer bet it should be.
  2. Previous Clients: Ask your dealer about the clients he has served in the past. Check out for his referral client list. You can also give some calls to his previous clients to estimate his work.
  3. Referrals: Ask your friends, peers etc for any referral of a genuine real estate agent.
  4. Service list: Ask for a complete list of services your real estate agent will provide.
  5. Discounts: Do not choose your real estate agent only on the basis of discount he is offering.
  6. Builder legal document: Ask your dealer for legal approvals the builder has taken for his project. If he cannot provide any, we recommend he is not the right guy for you.
  7. No work no pay: Do not pay to the agent until he has done all your work satisfactorily. And we know a genuine dealer will have no issues with that.

Truly, your real estate agent is your friend as is more a councilor than a sales person. You need to exercise caution as to why you should be investing through your chosen agent. And if your answer is because of a better discount, we recommend have a second thought.

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