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All about Tribal Tattoo Designs

by liyo89

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Nowadays, tribal tattoos can incorporate different styles of designs and patterns from ancient cultures around the world. Tribal tattoo inspired by the Pacific Islands is arguably the most popular among tribal tattoo lovers. The unique Polynesian Tribal Tattoo Designs are often very recognizable: for example, the Maori tattoo style or the Samoan tattoo style, are very traditional. Some styles incorporate fine lines and intricate designs, others have bolder, more abstract patterns.

Tribal tattoo designs were introduced to the western world by sailors between 16th and the 18th century. Having explored the Polynesian Islands, these sailors came to appreciate the Polynesian culture including its tattoos. Polynesian tattoo designs are a form of self expression. They incorporate symbols representing different aspects of the wearer’s life. There’s a meaning behind every design.

A dictionary of the Polynesian tribal tattoo symbols was developed and made available online. Through a simple subscription, you gain access to a treasure of information. Find out what a Polynesian turtle, or sun, or tiki, or shark mean! Find out how to represent strength of spirit and determination in your tattoo! Wearing a Polynesian tribal tattoo is knowing who you are; because every little curve, line and pattern has a meaning; it all says something about your life. Learn about Tribal Tattoo Meaning and explore the symbolism of the body in the Polynesian culture.

Whether you’re doing it for cosmetic, artistic, sentimental or other reasons, your Polynesian tribal tattoo will always tell a story. That’s the beauty and power of Polynesian tattoo symbols. And your symbols should be worn with pride. Delve into the world of Polynesian tribal tattoo symbols and choose the designs and patterns that best describe your personality, experiences in life and aspirations for the future. You will cherish your unique piece because it will be tailor made for who you are.

The Tribal tattoo guide offers many Tattoo Books, a collection of temporary Polynesian removable tattoos, sample designs and pictures of finished tattoos which will inspire you in your creation. See for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!

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