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Was Your Photographer Hiding During the Wedding?

by anonymous

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Attending a wedding is so much fun. It is a celebratory, fun and enjoyment where the accent is on sheer happiness at the coming together for the life of two loving souls. Of course there are moments of sadness adding a bit of a counterpoint to laughter and joy.

Another thing you enjoy about a wedding is that everyone is at their best. You see ladies decked out in their finery, the bride a poem in her gown and the groom resplendent in his finery. There are people you know. You stop to chat with them, share a drink or two. You move on and take in the canvas: children having a fun time or an elderly person taking time off for a quick nap. Do you notice boys and girls ogling each other? That’s what weddings are for: size up the opposition. During all this you wonder whether the bride and groom forgot to hire a photographer. You only see someone you assume is a friend, wandering about with a camera and taking occasional snaps. Surely when they spent so much on the wedding the least they could have done was to have gone and hired a proper photographer, not some friend with a camera casually moving about.

You go to the Church where the candles, light filtering in through stained glass windows casts pools of colour on those assembled and the priest is ceremoniously solemn while the bride glances mischievously at the groom as if to say: I have you where I want you. Where’s that photographer, you wonder. No one seems discomfited at the absence of the photographer who should have made a great production of it. Only that sneaky little bloke meandering about and making a nuisance of himself, snapping away when there should have been a proper photographer on the scene. Lord Snowdon may be beyond the pale but the wedding does merit a decent photographer - not that fellow over there.

It is time for the reception, the banquet, the first dance and the send off and there is this fellow hiding somewhere and trying to furtively take photographs. Surely he will post them to the web. You never know what these chaps with cameras are up to. They should have got a decent professional. How mean to save on costs after all this. You are going to collar them and ask them first thing where their photographer is hiding.

A few weeks later you are invited to the couple’s home and over tea and biscuits, you are shown their wedding album. Glory be. The album is perfect from the outside and fit for a prince. Inside each image you look at is so full of life and speaks to your soul. You look at the couple; ask them point blank how they managed to get these photographs when there was no proper photographer at the wedding. Oh there was, they assure you. You saw that photographer with the camera; he is the one responsible for these impressive photographs. He is one of the top reportage wedding photographers in London we hired for our wedding, they tell you. You somehow feel cheated.

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