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Factors to consider before choosing dirt jump bikes

by anonymous

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If you follow the recent trends in the bike industry, then you will see that the technologies employed in the biking market have evolved drastically like never before.  Bikes are no longer limited to be just a means of conveyance. They have become mean machines nowadays, which can be used for racing, adventure sports or just cruising.  There are different technologies at work for different bikes of different purposes. Two very different kinds are; the dirt jump bikes and touring bikes.

Dirt jump bikes

Dirt jumping is a biking style where riders fly off cement or a dirt jump, stay airborne for a while and land smoothly on their wheels. Often the jumps are accompanied by some tricks performed in the mid-air. These types of bikes usually have a longer top tube compared to that of the street bikes. The frames of these cycles are stronger, yet lightweight; the wheels are treaded and have a powerful suspension system that can absorb the landing shocks.  The seat maybe big or small, though beginners prefer a bigger seat so that they have a soft landing, more advanced cyclists would probably want smaller seats so that it stays out of the way while performing tricks.

In the dirt jump bikes, you will often find smaller frames than in the other kinds, robust wheels and often have alloy rims.  The wheel size varies from 24 to 26”, which one is better is a highly debatable issue, although wider wheels, in general, offer a smoother ride.

Touring bikes

When you are taking a tour that is close to your home, it does not require much luggage. This is because you will more or less follow a route that is inhabited. Hence, you do not need to buy a fancy ‘touring bike’. However, if you are looking for a fully loaded bike tour, you need something more than your normal cycle. Hence, many bike enthusiasts around the world prefer touring bikes as their first choice for exploring the roads. The first advice most biking experts will give you is that, you need to choose a touring bike that suits you the best. There are many technical terms the bike sellers will throw at you, which you might not even understand.  Do not be blinded by the flashy sales pitches, the most expensive bike in the market can be the worst pick for you if it does not fit you right.

The general rule is that the top tube should be two inches longer that your inseam.  Other factors would vary according to the trail you pick.  For paved roads slim tyres work well, a wider wheelbase ensures your pedal does not clash with your luggage, and touring bike’s frame should be strong enough to carry luggage.  Make sure the bike you choose offers a comfortable posture to save yourself some backache.

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