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The Outlook for Jobs in Africa


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With its vast land mass, oil reserves, and abundant natural resources, Africa represents the one place on earth with the highest potential for economic growth. In Africa, employment opportunities for every occupation that you can think of abound. For those who are willing and able to relocate there, the sky is truly the limit. Economists estimate that the potential economic opportunity for those who travel to find jobs in Africa or for investment can be compared to the former Soviet Union prior to its breakup.


For anyone considering international relocation for employment reasons, the state of the telecommunications technology should never be reason to discount Africa as a possible destination for starting a new career. At this moment, massive investments in networking technology are bringing much of Africa into the modern age, and in fact, mobile banking technology on the continent is presently the most advanced on earth.


As an emerging market, Africa is growing in every sense economically, and in particular it is showing evidence of strong trends developing in all industries related to and supporting of agriculture and food distribution. Currently, many of Africa's nations must import most of their food products from abroad, but breakthroughs in the areas of irrigation and agriculture have triggered important changes in many areas of the region. Economists expect these to persist and generate long-term growth in all industry groups related to maintaining a sustainable culture.


In Africa, about a half of one billion people remain chronically poor. At least some of this is a result of its reliance on imports for food and other basic goods that could be manufactured domestically. Establishing a manufacturing base sufficient for sustaining the population would require making meaningful investments in infrastructure. Under present circumstances, it should be easy to forecast that the direction in the growth of infrastructure development everywhere in Africa is up. This means that Africa needs engineers, and those who can teach engineering. Africa needs administrative professionals. There is a need for everything from government workers to city planners. It needs people to build roads and airports, modernize shipping ports. It needs to set up courts to enforce new laws and, it needs people to organize and run all of these things.


In the 1995s, there were more telephones phones in the city of New York than there where on the continent of Africa. Today, all of this has changed. The growth in the use of mobile technology and the spread of mobile devices in African nations is truly astounding. In a few short years, Africa is likely to surpass the United States of America in terms of the number of smartphones and mobile devices in use. Should this forward-looking estimate prove to be accurate, then it is perhaps the best possible indicator of the future prospects for any career seeker looking to put down roots in a new place.



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