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Canada Wind Power Market Opportunities 2016

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991 views Pleased to announce a new report on "Canada Wind Power Market Opportunities 2016" Wind power installations in Canada have been experiencing exponential growth in recent years due to the favourable economic and operating environment in that country.
 The cumulative wind power installed capacity in Canada surpassed 4 GW by the end of 2010 as compared to around 1.8 GW in 2007.
 Canada added more than 960 MW of new wind power installed capacity in 2009, thereby accounting for almost one-third of global new capacity additions in 2009. Canada is emerging as the 8th largest wind power market in the world.
 According to the report “Canada Wind Power Market Opportunities 2016”, Canada is expected to lead the global wind power market in the coming 5 years, driven by government appetite for renewable energy. Canadian government’s commitment to derive maximum of energy from renewable sources by 2020 will result in the required thrust towards the future growth of wind power market. In our opinion this decade will belong to Canadian wind power equipment manufacturers and wind farm developers, as they try to expand their network of operations beyond the domestic market.
 The research report “Canada Wind Power Market Opportunities 2016” discusses following aspect related to wind power market in Canada:
 • Installed capacity by Region, Province and wind farm developers.
 • Onshore & Offshore Wind Power Capacity Utilization.
 • Wind Power Reserves & Potential.
 • Overview of Wind Turbine Market.
 • Regulatory & Tariff Structure.
 • Anticipated future growth for Cumulative Installed Capacity.
 Our report “Canada Wind Power Market Opportunities 2016” gives an unprejudiced overview on the Canadian wind power market like installation capacity by region and province, wind power capacity utilization, wind power resources and potential, wind power equipment market, current and anticipated future scenario of off shore wind power, regulatory landscape, tariff structure and competitive landscape. It will help readers to get familiar with current and expected future trends with respect to the Canadian Wind power market.
 1 Executive Summary
 2 Canada Wind Energy Market Outlook
 3 Global Energy Market Scenario
 3.1 World Energy Consumption, 2000–16
 3.2 World Energy Consumption, by Fuel Type, 2000–16
 4 Global Renewable Energy Market Scenario
 4.1 Global Renewable Energy Consumption, 2000–16
 4.2 Global Net Electricity Generation, 2007-15
 5 Global Wind Energy Market Scenario
 5.1 Global Cumulative Installed Capacity, 2000–09
 5.2 Forecast of Global Cumulative Installed Capacity, 2010–16
 6 Canada Energy Market Scenario
 6.1 Canada Energy Consumption, 2000–16
 6.2 Canada Energy Consumption, by Fuel Type, 2000–16
 7 Canada Renewable Energy Market Scenario
 7.1 Canada Renewable Energy Installed Capacity, 2000–16
 7.2 Electricity Generation in Canada
 8 Canada Wind Energy Market Scenario
 8.1 Cumulative Installed Capacity, 2001–10
 8.2 Cumulative Installed Capacity, 2011–16
 8.3 By Province
 8.4 List of Wind Farms in Canada
 8.5 Investments Scenario
 9 Canada Wind Turbine Market Scenario
 9.1 By Company
 9.2 By Turbine Capacity
 9.3 Export vs. Import
 10 Policy & Regulatory Landscape
 10.1 WindVision 2025
 10.2 ecoENERGY for Renewable Power Program
 10.3 Ontario’s Green Energy Act and Feed-in Tariff Program
 10.4 Federal/Provincial Initiative on Wind Energy
 10.5 Other initiatives
 11 Challenges & Opportunities in Canada Wind Power Industry
 11.1 Shortage of Skilled Technical Labor
 11.2 Excessive Dependence on Imports and Limited Revenue from Exports
 11.3 Need for Smart Transmission Facilities
 11.4 Wind Turbines Need Online Back-up Capacity
 11.5 Carbon Cost of Construction
 11.6 Health Hazards
 11.7 Supply and Value Chain
 12 Recent developments in the Canadian Wind Energy Market
 12.1 Developments by Key Province
 13 Leading Industry Players Profiles
 13.1 TransAlta Corporation
 13.2 Enbridge Inc.
 13.3 TransCanada Corporation
 13.4 Capital Power Corporation
 13.5 Vestas Wind Systems A/S
 13.6 GE Energy
 13.7 Enercon GmbH
 13.8 Acciona Energia, S.A.,
 14 Disclaimer
 List of Figures
 Figure 1: World Energy Consumption (Btoe), 2000-2016
 Figure 2: World Energy Consumption by Fuel Type, 2000-2016
 Figure 3: World Energy Consumption, 2009 Vs 2016, Percentage Share of Energy Source
 Figure 4: Global Renewable Energy Consumption 2000-2016
 Figure 5: Global Net Electricity Generation, By Fuel Type, 2007 Vs. 2015
 Figure 6: Global Cumulative Installed Capacity, 2000 – 2009
 Figure 7: Global Cumulative Installed Capacity, 2010-2016
 Figure 8: Canada Energy Consumption, 2000-2016
 Figure 9: Canada Energy Consumption, By Fuel Type, 2000-2016
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