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Adding beauty to garden with the cultivation of perennials

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Perennials are the type of plants, which grow during the months of summer and spring and die during the winter. Again when the summer comes, they regrow and thus this cycle is continued. Most of these plants live more than two years, out of which, some are short lived and some are long lived. One of the advantageous things of these types of plants is that they require very less maintenance.

Some of the garden perennials

You can find different types of perennial plant for beautifying your garden. Some of them are as follows.

Firstly, you can find Serbian bellflower. This is an evergreen plant, having star shaped flowers. This type is generally used in baskets and other hanging containers to decorate the place.

Secondly, you can see pink thrift. This plant requires very less maintenance and makes a pink color covering. This plant is resistive to the dry conditions of sun and requires very less moisture for its growth.

Thirdly, you can have dwarf English lavender. This is a short height plant and produces very nice odor.

Fourthly, you can find a simple plant lily of the valley. This plant grows in the shady areas and is very toxic if consumed.

Fifthly, you can see Shasta daisy. This plant can grow in the presence of sun with less moisture content. The flowers of this plant are very beautiful making a color combination of yellow and white.

Sixthly, you can see a pink colored perennial, named blazing star. These plants can grow higher up to a height of five feet.

These are some of the perennials that you can have in your garden.

Where to buy the perennials?

As perennials plant is favored by most of the gardeners, so it is a common question where to search these plants. You can get this in some garden centers or in nurseries. But nowadays, you can also find these plants in many available gardening websites. Some of the websites offer the facility of cash on delivery. These plants come in wide range from smaller ones to bigger ones with a wide range of price. Mostly these plants are herbaceous in nature, which means they grow only in summer season and die during the winter season. But some of the plants give flowers during winter season too.

Some tough condition resistive perennials

You can find many perennial, which are resistive to the tough conditions like that of the presence of sunlight, or low availability of moisture. The main technique that is found is these types of plants, is that the roots of these plants does not cover a large area, instead they occupy a smaller area and thus consuming very less amount of moisture. Some of them are sweet woodruff, dead nettle, barren strawberry, ground cover plants and many more.

Some pros and cons of perennials

Perennials require very less maintenance, only it requires once time fertilization in a month and grows itself. But if you see the annuals, it requires regular maintenance like feeding, fertilizing, watering and many.

The negative side is that these are very short lived and hence you will be requiring buying these plants more.

The entire article is just about perennial flowers and how they can change the look of your garden along with their different features. If you want some more information you must have a look at

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