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The Benefits of Loose Leaf Tea from Canada

by kevinwalls

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Even though not totally a member of the United Kingdom, Canada adores its tea just like any other Briton. Tea drinking practices all the way from Europe have discovered their path into Canada. Although the North American-brand of "sweet tea" is very in demand, Canadians have a niche for more traditional blends. When it pertains to standard blends, nothing ever comes quite close to loose leaf brews.

Many people are used to drinking tea steeped from teabags, but this beverage is reduced in flavor and quality. The best way to appreciate tea is to steep one from loose tea leaves that possess a full-bodied taste. It may not be simple to get good loose leaf tea in Canada; yet, the remarkable taste it holds is well worth the effort in looking for and brewing one.

Teabags are inferior in quality compared to loose leaves due to their overly-simplified processing. The tiny bits of tea leaves inside teabags will not have the full flavor a whole leaf has, and this can produce a weak brew. Teabags are also just great for one brew, after which they lose all flavor; loose tea leaves may be used many times.

Provided these observations, it's no wonder that loose leaf tea is chosen more by tea aficionados. Loose tea leaves are also better than teabags because they don't lose their catechin and antioxidant content, which are often lost when the leaves are prepared for teabags. Basically, loose tea leaf is much healthier and richer in taste.

Loose leaf tea is tea at its most natural, and it may be appreciated in a variety of natural flavors. There are refreshing specialty tea blends that incorporate the leaves with other organic ingredients such as fruits and herbs to create a pure taste that processed tea can never imitate. Some tea fans even sell their own specialty blend, and they can be seen online.

Canada may not be the world's leader in tea consumption, but it could always use the stimulating flavor of the brew. Of course, drinkers have to try the unadulterated brew made from the leaves to taste the natural difference. People clueless on the best ways to brew loose leaf tea should visit

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