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Switchblade Knives Rapid guide for total dummies fantasizing

by Menssffect

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If you’re a collector, then this article is not for you. Collectors are crazy, everybody knows that of course, and they will gather things, never to be used. So here we go.


Switchblade knives a.k.a automatic knives come in various blade steel and blade configurations (shape/form/look). They also come in various sizes, and firing systems (push buttons).


Here is a small list, followed by illustrated examples of what I’m talking about, along with comments that might save you money and whatever.


Configurations: stiletto, Drop Point, Tanto,

Sizes of switchblade knives: range from tiny/small (6” open or less) to humongous 15”

Firing systems: prominent button, flush button, Leverlock, concealed.





Blade type/shape


The Real Stiletto (fixed blade)

Well, a real, actual stiletto does not have anything to do with switchblade knives; as it is anything but a dagger, a small sword. Go to Wikipedia and see.

But see below, that’s the culprit that is guilt for what American think is a stiletto.


Italian stiletto switchblade

That’s what most people think a switchblade looks like, calling it “stiletto switchblade”. In reality: it’s a typical configuration of an Italian type, one out of many other switchblade knives. The term stiletto came from the dagger shaped blade.

Good for fighting only, stabbing, piercing. Makes also an excellent very impressive letters and watches opener. It’s carried massively in Italy to cure nails while sipping an express coffee in their outside walk coffee shops.

Not worth much for slicing, cutting, as most of them come with a low/average steel grade.


Kriss blade

Do you see the flame like undulated blade? It’s called ‘Kriss’

Absolutely useless for anything but stabbing, and excellent at that. It’s for sending a message mostly, to impress, and it does it extremely well, cause it’s scary like hell.

The switchblade knives of this Italian type come, for the most of them with a sliding safety lock that is a pain in the neck; it jams or slides accidently in most cases.


The Don made in USA by Pro-Tech Knives.


One of the best switchblade knives that you can get. That’s the American version of the Italian switchblades.

I can go on and sing the prizes of this brand. It’s only flaw is that it’s price might be justified, yet to rich for my personal blood.















The opposite of a stiletto shape, not much of piercing power. Slashing is their main point in combat situations.

This type of switchblade knives blade is used by retirees with hand-imperilments of one kind or another. It is also use by cops and firemen for frequent regular cutting chores.



That’s the typical Japanese version of combat blade, switchblade knives or not. The 45 degrees blade clipping is supposed to provide power and the rest slashes, slices and dices.

It has the advantage of some practicality along with sending a quiet strong massage. Most Tanto blades look simply mean, if anybody asks me, and that’s their purpose.





Firing systems


Prominent button

Good old sticking out button, gives you the ability to find it without having to look at your knife.

Most switchblade knives of this kind come with a safety lock device, to protect you e.d. prevent them to open in your pocket and perform and accidental vasectomy. Rule of the thumb, big button sticks out + no safety = don’t mess with it.


Fluch button

The button here does not stick out, it’s flush with the handle’s surface. It gives this system a big advantage of not having to use a safety lock, well almost. Flush button switchblade knives, might also open accidentally; it happens when there is a lot of rolling on the ground involved with the knife placed in a back pocket of your trousers.


LeverLock button

LeverLock a.k.a Leveretto is, in our view, the best firing switchblade knives system there is. The big stubs is extremely reliable to fire out the blade, and very easy to find. The same stub folds parallel to the handle’s surface making a safety lock unnecessary. The knife will not open accidentally, as long as you do not buy junk.


Concealed button

That’s a must if there are any chances that you might forget and leave lying around children. And it also goes for any other switchblade knives.

Most of concealed blade switchblade knives, look and also open as a simple-regular folding knife.




Switchblade Knives are in fact automatic knives, no matter how they look, with all the legal issues that this implies.

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