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A Big Data Center Management Field for Iceland

by macpherson

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Iceland appears like a part of Europe removed from Europe (aside from Danish Greenland). It is host to a few of the longest names worldwide, warm springs, green pastures, and green data centers. That's correct; this nation is poised to turn into one of the largest information center markets in the future as companies look for means to reduce energy costs.

Like any wonderful device in the house, efficient data center management demands lots of energy. A data center with high-grade hardware, intricate protection system, and excellent service is useless without a steady source of power. Businesses like Facebook are out front; the growing variety of individuals means more information banks, which translates to more power. The issue with the need for power is that Mother Nature must not get any more difficulty than it is getting.

Now, there is a green information center, a center that relies on Iceland's numerous supply of green energy to drive its features for a portion of the cost. More than 70% of Iceland's power supply is generated by hydroelectric dams and geothermal energy. Being an island packed with volcanic activity, Iceland's geothermal plants can produce a total amount of around 600 megawatts.

Specialists estimate that a data center like the one Google makes use of needs at least one third of the overall geothermal power generation in Iceland. This doesn't just consist of the hardware for saving data and arranging them, but additionally ventilation systems because these get hot after prolonged use. With the chilly Icelandic climate, information centers can do away with cooling the hardware.

Iceland and foreign information centers would be entering a win-win situation. Data center owners can keep their facilities cool for a more cost effective rate (Iceland's power costs are roughly three cents per kWh), and Iceland's economic climate will benefit from a larger share of foreign direct investment. In simple terms, the age of the green information center is quickly approaching. So far, the marketplace in Iceland is dominated by medium-sized data centers, but experts explain there's an increasing interest.

Discover more about Iceland's information center market potential by seeing and In a world where green energy is slowly reducing mankind's dependence on fossil fuel, green data center management will be more crucial than ever before.


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