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Android Image App Maker, build Android Image Apps

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Android Image App Maker builds powerful interactional functions and gorgeous page-flipping effect Android magazine, comic, catalog, etc apps from *.jpg, *.png, *.gif format image files for publishing and marketing on Android markets or other usage without coding project.

Key features of Android Image App Maker

Create a stack of image format files such as *.jpg, *.png and *.gif to Android APK files instantly.

Save image pages as XML file for quick importing, loading and editing on local PC.

Export/Import magazines as projects to continue editing mainly for different computers

Create keystore for android digital certificate

Define application icons, application name, package prefix, package name, version code, version name (Package prefix and name will be integrated as the app’s unique ID which android markets and android-powered devices can recognize).

Embed Admob ads into Android image apps for earning commission fee.

The output APK files can be easily transmitted through data line, Bluetooth, download online.

The wallpapers are exactly designed in accordance with your own style

The image gallery app acts flipping on Android screen vividly and attractive

Step by step guides to create Android Image Apps?

1.Add images into the page list.
Launch Android Image App Maker, Click the icons “Add Images” to add image files or add images from folder to the program.
You can move the magazine any page first, up, down and last by clicking the “Image” icon on the top menu line.

Create interactional and page-flipping Android Image Apps

2.Import and export project.
Click the “Save” icon on top menu to save the current page list and basic information including magazine name, package prefix, package name, save path, etc as xml file for future quick loading and continuing editing.
Click the top-menu “Load” icon to load the XML file which store the basic information saved just now to continue editing.

Create interactional and page-flipping Android Image Apps

You can also export the current editing project as package project file in *.aip format and then import and edit the file on other computers with Android Image App Maker.

Create interactional and page-flipping Android Image Apps

3.Create Android Image App.
To create an Android Image App, you should first add icons for the output magazine app and then create a private key saved in the keystore file.

1)Click “build” icon on top-menu bar, in the open window, check “Create new keystore”, then hit “Next” button.

Create interactional and page-flipping Android Image Apps

2)Enter keystore related information.
Specify a location for the key, and name it (should not the existed), keystore password, and validity years. Then click “Next” to create the keystore.

Create interactional and page-flipping Android Image Apps

Note: The forms whose tail noted by red asterisk is required and the others you have to enter one at least. What have to emphasize is the the “Validity (Years)” is at least 25 years.

3)Type Image App related information.
Enter your App name, output folder to store the APK file, package prefix and name, version code and name, you can also embed ads in application with publish ID. Then hit “Next” to start the image app creation process.

Create interactional and page-flipping Android Image Apps

Note: The software defaultly give package prefix (its format is XXX.XXX.XXX, you mustn’t violate it) and name.

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