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lcd video wall becomes the successor in security surveillanc

by sudipkar

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In todays's digital display device technology, the LCD flat-panel display devices have become the mainstream of the market, the video surveillance system digitization process combined with digitized LCD flat-panel display devices, has become the main way in security monitoring, lcd video wall with LCD flat-panel display completely become the main trend of the display system.

The video surveillance system is an important part of the security system in each unit, with its intuitive, accurate, timely and information-rich and widely usage in many occasions. In recent years, with the rapid development of computer, networking and image processing, transmission technologies, the continued development of video technology, video technology has made great progress.

Either from the analog CRT transition to DLP, PDP plasma, LCD digital display technology, or from heavy and thick screen structure to its ultra-thin, lightweight and more characteristics, with a lower price advantage than the other digital display devices, lcd video wall has been developed and applied rapidly into applications. By its excellent color performance, high-quality, low-power, long life and other notable features,lcd video wall display take the comprehensive alternative leadership position in field of security surveillance systems and so on.

Actually the LCD video wall use a splicing technology by each unit as a separate video wall controller. When display signal and control signal have been input to the video wall units,each unit can process the signals separately, by this we can ensure compress the smaller signal as possible for each unit so that guarantee image clarity, smooth signals. This is a unique advantage with which DLP and LCD monitors, large-screen mosaic wall cannot compare. This splicing technology will become the largest market share, which is consistent with the views of many of its practitioners manufacturers of LCD Video Wall industry. You cannot ignore the great charm of the LCD splicing products manifested in different market segments.

The large format screen display is always the required equipments in wall video surveillance system terminals, its large viewing angle and stable display performance provides real-time images and scene. Contrast DLP rear projection technology in the field of security products, LCD occupies obvious advantage in the quality effects and cost. samsung video wall has a long life over 50,000 hours and cost is much lower than that of DLP mosaic wall "bulb".It is reported that most security monitoring system displays always work under 365x24hours working condition.

Focus on the low-power, long-life, high-definition qualities, security monitoring system prefer lcd video wall very much. From the trend of the Chinese market, lcd video wall plays more and more important in the key national transportation, transportation hubs, large venues and so on.Particularly in the field of security surveillance systems,lcd video wall is gradually replacing the traditional CRT, DLP mosaic wall and becomes the preferred successor in professional security monitoring system.

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