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What to Look for in Water Aerobics Shoes

by swimpaddles

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Water aerobics has quickly become a popular way to work out without causing a lot of stress on the joints. This makes it a great option for those who are elderly, pregnant or have another ailment or injury that affects their joints. When you choose to embark on this type of exercise routine, you will need a good pair of water aerobics shoes to wear while you exercise. Choosing the right pair is important to ensure you have the support you require.

Rubber Sole

If you have ever looked at the water shoes that are available at your local department store, you may have noticed they have flimsy soles and don’t provide the wearer with a lot of support. These are not the type of water aerobics shoes you want to use for exercising. The right water shoes designed for water aerobics will have thicker rubber soles that are still flexible to provide you with the extra support you need when you are performing exercises in the water.


Some water shoes seem to treat people with a one-size-fits-all approach. This is incorrect when it comes to choosing water shoes for your water aerobics classes. Like tennis shoes you would wear if you were exercising in the gym, you need water aerobics shoes that allow you to tighten the laces and adjust them so they fit your feet exactly. If the water shoes you choose aren’t adjustable, you could experience discomfort in your feet, either while you are exercising or when you are done. In either case, it isn’t good for your feet and will lead you to not want to exercise.

Foam Padding

Another important feature in water shoes designed for water aerobics is the foam padding that is found within the sole of the shoes. Even though you are exercising in the water and there is less impact on your joints, there will be some level of impact on your feet as you move through the water. The shock absorbing factors will ensure this type of work out is as easy on your joints as possible so you can make the most of your workout without stressing out your body.


Like all water shoes, it is important for your water aerobics shoes to provide your feet with ventilation for when you exit the pool. Allowing your feet to breathe will also allow the water within the shoe to quickly drain out when you step out of the pool. This means you won’t have to walk around with water sloshing around in your shoes after you are done working out.

Working out in the water can allow you to get a much better work out without putting additional stress on your joints. If you will be signing up for a water aerobics class, it is important to know how to choose the best water aerobics shoes. These special shoes provide you with plenty of features that make spending time in the pool doing water aerobics comfortable and fun for everyone.

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