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A closer look at black models’ larger than life image

by anonymous

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Modeling must the easiest job in the world. You get paid for looking good, to pose for glossy magazines, and to appear in music videos. You rub shoulders with who-is-who in entertainment circles and travel to exotic locations for shoots. You share the same haunts with renowned celebrities and influential socialites. Life for a model must be one big ball, or so it appears. Truth be told, this is the lifestyle of a highly successful model but only a very small number of models actually live it. Most models don't even come close. Modeling is not easy, and this we know from none other than successful black models.


Blackmen Digital magazine carries a number of interviews with successful black models and hip hop models. You begin to get a different picture about modeling by reading these interviews and speaking to women who have been part of the modeling industry. One thing that comes out clearly is that very few models actually make it to the pinnacle of the modeling industry because there is so much competition. So many models compete for the limelight and one has to be truly lucky to land some of the high profile contracts.


Luck is not the only thing that black models depend on though. There are moments when one has to show talent. For instance, when music video producers are preparing to shoot a video they have to hire hip hop models and so they make a casting call to agencies. An agency then provides a long list of aspiring hip hop models who then have to audition for the few available slots. This is an example of a situation where one must show superior talent in order to land the opportunity to feature in the music video.


Black models are very beautiful ladies and so we always think that models look good at all times. The truth is that all models have some bad hair days when they are not on top of their game. When you see a beautiful model in your favorite magazine or watch hip hop models in music videos, chances are that technology has been used to conceal a lot of things. Have you noticed that models appearing in magazines always seem to have flawless skin? Well, this is because some photo editing software was used to hide unwanted spots and wrinkles! Even in a music video, the type of lighting and camera angles can be manipulated to enhance the appearance of hip hop models. Don't forget that makeup artists work on all the models before a shoot takes place.


Most models live pretty normal lives beset by the same things that ordinary people go through; only a tiny fraction live really glamorous lives. Most of the glamour is a creation of the media and impression managers who want to create a larger than life image for models.


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