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Picking a Honda Car: Power Steering or Manual Steering?

by lawrenceharkness

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One city that's definitely rich in wonderful destinations is Kingsport TN. More often than not, residents select cars with power steering systems due to their ease of use whenever they head to a Kingsport Honda dealer to look into vehicles for their transportation means. On the other hand, you'll be amazed to discover that many still love manual steering systems given their simplicity and reliability. In fact, some enthusiasts are more than willing to spend to "de-power" their automobile's power steering.


A manual steering system utilizes a pinion and rack to switch the rotational movement of the steering wheel to the left and right motion of the front wheels. The pinion is a round gear linked to the steering column that engages the rack, which is a flat bar with teeth. A power steering system, meanwhile, utilizes a belt-driven pump that creates pressure which helps to push or pull the rack from one direction to another.


The steering system's resistance to wheel movement is known as feedback, and is a usually ignored—albeit important—facet of steering performance. Feedback provides the information on how well the front wheels grip the pavement. By design, power steering systems minimize feedback. This is the reason why a lot of race cars have a manual steering system put in.

Precision and Speed

Generally speaking, manual steering systems react slower to steering input than power steering boxes. The manual system's lack of assist demands a lower gear ratio to allow the driver to turn the wheel. This lower ratio suggests you should use more pressure to make a turn. On the other hand, manual steering is naturally more accurate, specifically due to the fact that more steering input is required to move the wheels.


There haven't been much technological innovations in manual steering systems over the years. Power steering systems, meanwhile, has had a multitude of enhancements, most of which were aimed to offer the power steering system the attributes of a manual system while preserving its maneuverability. Developments in the power steering area consist of electrically-assisted power steering, speed-variable power assist, and hydraulic and electric hybrid systems that make use of a computer-controlled motor to power the pump.

Each and every system has its own set of supporters and critics, so it's really up to your personal preference. Between two automobiles of the same make and model however, the one with the manual system normally costs less. Find out ways to examine a Honda from Kingsport dealerships prior to buying from


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