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NAS provides efficient storage solutions that protect data

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In IT industry, data storage is the main concern for all organizations. In this commercial business world, IT sector is constantly growing and developing according to the new industrial requirements to pace up with the new innovative technologies. As the IT business grows, data also grows according to the needs. Information is most important for IT industry to maintain it for further requirements. Hence, it is crucial to store and maintain it for longer years. Most of the organizations use servers as their single storage devices to maintain the data. Servers can provide network connections for multiple devices within the organizational environment. They can also store and maintain the data for longer years. But, these traditional servers have the limited capacity and cannot store immense amount of data.

Due to this, many storage devices are getting launched in the IT market to fulfill all the industrial needs. There are numerous storage devices like storage area network (SAN), network attached storage (NAS), Storwize, tape drives, tape library, autoloaders, zip drives, hard disks, solid state drives (SDD), flash drives, data travelers and many more. All these are implemented in organizations to enhance the efficiency and flexibility to overcome the storage hassles. Out of all these devices NAS is network storage device to provide quality network connections. NAS can provide multiple solutions to enhance the efficiency. Network attached storage device can act as secondary storage server and directly connects to the main server and provides more space for large data storage.

It is completely different form SAN storage device as it is the single device that performs various functions like data files and much more. However, SAN can manage the disk blocks with the local area network of several devices. It is network connected storage device that provides shared folder access through organizational connection to access the data. Most of the small companies may not prefer network connected storage devices because they have a misconception that it may lead to data loss. But, these NAS devices can protect the information from online threats and prevent the data loss. It can be connected through IP or TCP protocols to provide the best performance. It can also connect through fibre channel, iSCSI over Ethernet protocols to write and read the files.

NAS solutions come in several models with different specifications such as N3240, N3220, N3240 A15, N3220 A22, N3220 A12 and many more. It has featured and developed with web interface to configure many devices. It can maintain large amount of data for longer years. Hence, it is preferred by all kinds of organizations.

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