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Useful Information for Parcel Delivery Services in UK

by Jameshorncastle

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382 views is without doubt one of the best parcel delivery services providers in UK, and when it comes to the ins and outs of parcel delivery, their information is pretty useful.

Okay, so even though this article is really on finding some useful information, we intend it to be just that: useful information, not the kind of information that anyone knows about, or found in regular articles. These are two most common parcel delivery hiccups I found by navigating around the site:

Hiccup 1: My booking isn’t accepted because the website tells me that I need a heavier service. I chose the option to print my own labels, but then when the time came, your website did not display the labels. What’s up?

This is usually because couriers calculate dimensional weight as well as taking the actual weight of your parcel when working out which service you need. The dimensional weight is calculated according to the size of the parcel and could be more than the actual weight if it is a big but light parcel. The service that you need needs to allow for the actual weight AND the dimensional weight. “The most common reasons for this to happen is a pop up blocker (which needs to be turned off) or an incorrect version of adobe (please use the latest version which can be downloaded free of charge from the adobe website).”

Come, to think of it, Parcel2Ship UK is a whole sight better than many other providers. If you made this particular mistake, they allow you to rebook or get a refund.

Hiccup 2: I don’t know where to look for particular information

This is a most common hiccup. Actually parcel delivery services websites are full of so many options that is common to feel lost. This is the first question that UK faces from most clients, and it is generally applicable to almost all websites in the same category:

First and foremost most sites have a ‘customer services’ page, frequently asked questions and maybe even a live chat so these are excellent sources of help and information.

“If you have sent, or are awaiting delivery of, a parcel, you can track it using the tracking options on the site and trace.

If you wish to send a parcel, find the correct service and use the booking form on the page.please go to “Send now.”

If you would like to find out the price of sending a parcel, use please go to theour “Quick quotePrice Finder.”.

If you need information on our UK and international services including size and weight limits, and Customs and prohibitions please go to the our “Customs Documentation instructionsWorldwide Directory.”

If you need to arrange a redelivery of a parcel or have been notified of Customs charges to pay, please go to the “Receiving a parcel page.Customer Service Centre”


I got that information right out of the UK site and their system is one of the simplest and best I have ever seen on parcel delivery sites in UK. Take care, next time don’t waste time, and go straight to the section you need on the website of UK.